Sunday, January 09, 2011

B & M Gets Hitched!

D and I are at a stage where our friends are finally getting hitched.

Our once swinging single friends have all hooked up with very lovely people and we have been invited to a few weddings this month.

In Twenty Eleven, the first to tie the knot is our ex housemate, B.

Skiing @ Mt Buller

B used to share an apartment with us in Melbourne. He lived in the room across ours so we spent a lot of time hanging out and doing things together. Since then, we have always been looking out for each other. Living together for so many years and being friends for longer, it has been exceptionally privileged to see his relationship grow from first dates with M till their recent ROM solemnization.

About to take their vows

We were there when they exchanged vows on this past Wednesday. I brought my boys along to join in the celebration cause they do love their Uncle B so. =)

The Scene @ Merry Men

Friday night was the party at Merry Men down at Robertson Quay. Located next to Bah Bah Black Sheep, the area reminded me of South Bank in Melbourne.

It was a fifties themed femme fatale party. And so the husband went dressed up almost looking like one of the guys from "Mad Men". It was very cute, if I'd say so.

With the lovely Michelle

We chatted with old friends whom we haven't seen in ages and caught up with their new partners.

Special Performance

There were plenty of drinks involved. A few hilarious moments by the boys who were determined to have a good time with the groom. And my dear friend who made quite a bit of money from his, erm, sideline.

With da hubbi

The fun lasted till 5 in the morning when we finally trudged ourselves home.

It was rather painful waking up 4 hours later to bring the kids for violin but it was an incredible night to share with friends! Moments like that where memories are made.

Congrats, my dears! Here's to a lifetime of happily every after and love!

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