Friday, January 28, 2011

Daniel Gets Married!

January is shaping up to be one for weddings.

We have three to attend this month and every one of them is an old friend from our Melbourne times.

With Little Notti K at the church wedding

Daniel married his childhood sweetheart last weekend and we were there to see the man sign his singlehood away. =) He was so happy that day that it makes our hearts sing to see our friend at the head of the altar.

A pic with the hubs

Dinner was a zany affair. We had the standard 8 course meal with a very awesome melting moments ending. The band was totally hitting the spot with the peranakans. Man! Can the uncles and aunties dance to the chachacha beat. Leaving us GenY-ers to shame.


Then it all went downhill after... the night evolved into some crazy mambo dancing and Michael Jackson spoofing, then came the missing tie incident where the owner lost his memory. (But it's ok! We have videos to prove that the night existed, guys!) It was followed by more drinking at Bar None before we called it a night. Phweee... Obviously our friends are still as crazy as ever.

Can't believe I woke up three hours later to attend a wake with my parentals. But it was a hoot! Congratulations guys! Hope you are having a blast in Bali now. =)

Monday, January 10, 2011

I gave up my privacy for some sanity...

ok... not really.

It's more like I gave up my privacy for a CLEAN house.

It is day 8 with the new helper and things have been going pretty well so far.

If you had been reading for a while, you would know that I have been rather reluctant in getting full time help. I like the privacy that we have as a family.

For the last year, I had a part time helper who came in once a week to do some general cleaning for me. Like wash the toilets, wipe the kitchen and clean the shelves.

It was good but I still found that most of my week nights were still spent doing housechores. Which is ok, if I don't have to do homework with the kids or dash out of the house to head to the gym or pole classes.

Plus, with the husband being busy with work. It was hard to rely on him for babysitting.

So we bit the bullet and got full time help.

I think it's safe to say that we are still adapting to having someone live in the house with us.

But, thus far, the house is much cleaner. Things are better organized and, best of all, I have time to sit and do things with the kids that I hardly have time for because I was always doing other things around the house.

I appreciate the extra help that I get because I know that if I were still living in Australia, it would not be a viable option for me. I would probably still be a headless chook relying on a nanny and rushing home from work to take over her duties.

We treat our helper as one of the family. She has her own room, eats what we eat and gets to bed at a decent hour. Like all relationships it starts out with the utmost trust and hopefully we can have a good one for time to come.

Seems like 2011 might be a lil kinder to me for some personal time. Here's hoping. =)

Sunday, January 09, 2011

B & M Gets Hitched!

D and I are at a stage where our friends are finally getting hitched.

Our once swinging single friends have all hooked up with very lovely people and we have been invited to a few weddings this month.

In Twenty Eleven, the first to tie the knot is our ex housemate, B.

Skiing @ Mt Buller

B used to share an apartment with us in Melbourne. He lived in the room across ours so we spent a lot of time hanging out and doing things together. Since then, we have always been looking out for each other. Living together for so many years and being friends for longer, it has been exceptionally privileged to see his relationship grow from first dates with M till their recent ROM solemnization.

About to take their vows

We were there when they exchanged vows on this past Wednesday. I brought my boys along to join in the celebration cause they do love their Uncle B so. =)

The Scene @ Merry Men

Friday night was the party at Merry Men down at Robertson Quay. Located next to Bah Bah Black Sheep, the area reminded me of South Bank in Melbourne.

It was a fifties themed femme fatale party. And so the husband went dressed up almost looking like one of the guys from "Mad Men". It was very cute, if I'd say so.

With the lovely Michelle

We chatted with old friends whom we haven't seen in ages and caught up with their new partners.

Special Performance

There were plenty of drinks involved. A few hilarious moments by the boys who were determined to have a good time with the groom. And my dear friend who made quite a bit of money from his, erm, sideline.

With da hubbi

The fun lasted till 5 in the morning when we finally trudged ourselves home.

It was rather painful waking up 4 hours later to bring the kids for violin but it was an incredible night to share with friends! Moments like that where memories are made.

Congrats, my dears! Here's to a lifetime of happily every after and love!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Left Behind

Yesterday, I did something I don't usually do.

I left Kate at home with my new helper.

I was rushing to get to my good friends' solemnization with the boys and made a last minute decision leave Kate at home. (cause her nap was overdue and she was uber cranky.)

My sister was on her way to my place to babysit her and there was a 15 minute interval between the time I left and she arrived.

After spending most of the day @ the Registry of Marriage, which was coincidentally the most unromantic place to get married, and then having a fantastic dinner at Restaurant Majestic, I went to pick the kiddo up from my aunt's.

I was then told that my little girl was so angry that we left the house without her that she shrieked for about 30 minutes before she succumbed to her nap.

The minute I walked into the door, her eyes just lit up and she came running to me.

It was the sweetest thing!

It also made me feel so bad for doing what I did in the arvo to her.

Bad Mummy!!

I will never do that to you again, baby girl.

Monday, January 03, 2011

The Gastronomic Start of 2011.

I sit here with the breeze wheezing in the window.

It is 1:49am and we are into the third day of 2011.

It is quiet here with the hums of a repeat of American Idol in the backdrop.

Two days into the new year and we have literally eaten our way into 2011.

We had steamboat last night with friends at Tiong Bahru. Fishing our way through the ingredients of that hot pot whilst having random chit chats makes me happy.

These are friends from a long time back. A time when we were just starting out at work. And a time when emotions were running deep for some of us. We have gone through so much and have even relocated back to this hometown. Good times.

And then this morning, we made our way to Artichoke for our regular Sunday brunch. The reason I love Artichoke so much is because it is one of the more avant garde and innovative food around with excellent produce.

Owner/Chef Bjorn is always seeking out different ways to express his food and D & I are always delighted to soak our tastebuds in his dishes, be it brunch or dinner! Pity we missed his new year's eve count down party cause I heard the food was smashing! =)

After a much needed siesta, we dropped the kids off with the grandparents at my auntie's for a family dinner. And it was off to Valentino's for our much awaited dinner!

Reservations were made a few weeks ago and we managed to round up some friends to share the meal with us.

Boy! Did we have a good meal. The food was excellent! Best part of the dinner was the service! We had a really really patient and attentive server who knows his stuff. Oh! I know when he ignored my descriptive slur of an italian vino as a pinot, instead of a cab sav! Oh the horrors! =) My bad.

We will definitely be back.

I am so stuffed that I think I can go without food for three more days! Thank God my pole classes start tomorrow.

So, here's to your twenty eleven! May you have good food and good health for the rest of the year! Salute!
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