Monday, December 06, 2010

Lil Kate - 13 Months on...

Dear Kate,

And just like that you are a month and a bit into your second year of life!

Where has all that time go, baby girl?

Just a lil step forward

The biggest milestone so far is how you've found your two lil feet. It was an immediate progress right after you turn one, sweetie.

And once you've started walking, there was no return to your old four limbed crawls.

It makes Mama a lil sad that you are now a fullfledged toddler who has ideas on your own and no longer the lil baby who depends on me for everything.

In fact, the transition to toddlerhood was so quick that I fathom to remember the days when you were freshly out of the oven. It is quite a bittersweet feeling, I'd tell ya. Mainly cause we will probably not have another baby again. =(

Is that REALLY a basket full of bears?

These days, you prefer to walk than to be carried. Even when we are out in the malls running errands, you will ask to be put on the floor so that you can explore. The world is really your oyster now, isn't it?

There is really no stopping you. You will turn around and gaze at your surroundings. Then the explorer in you starts to discover all the little nooks and corners in front of you. You will keep walking for as far as we will allow you.

In fact, nowadays, when Daddy or I pick you up, you will scream blue murder and try to pry yourself from our grip. It is something we are working on so that you know that it's a no no to yell to get what you want.

Flipping through your Alison Jay Book

Talking is your next favourite thing to do, these days. You will walk to your toys and start having conversations with them.

It is still mostly baby talk but there are some words in your vocabulary now.

Let's see. There is Mama, Papa, Grandpa (loud and clear), grandma, Yiyi, Bao bao (when you want to be carried, ball, apple (pretty clear too )and cat.

However, this morning, you muttered the words "WAKE UP" and I was quite certain I was dreaming but you repeated it a few times. Eeps!

We've noticed that you love to grumble to yourself when things don't go your way. There were times when I've walked past you and listened to your lil mumblings. It was funny as. Hopefully, you will not be a lil grouchy miss as you get to your teens.

WHAT? Double digits?!

You have always been a good eater. In fact, you refused to have baby food anymore and you want everything from our table. So I cheat and let you have the presalted version of what we are eating. =)

The impish smile I see all the time

And you would slurp everything up when you realise that you are eating exactly what everyone is having.

Beowing what your kor kors are doing at Gym Time

We've noticed that you are a little restless being at home these days. You do like to be kept occupied with activities. Most times when you are out with us, you have these wide anime eyes that absorbs everything.

Truth is, I am dying to send you for some classes. And so I am off to explore on what works for you. If you know Mama, you would know that the most important thing for you to do at this stage of your life is play.

Playdate with Elliot

Playtime is most important cause you build confidence through learning how to work out the different toys or games. Playing allows you to be either solitary or it gives you the opportunity to socialize. Best of all, playing lets you discover your likes and dislikes. It helps you grow.

So, hopefully, we can find an important medium where you can play and learn at the same time. Maybe a little music so that you can groove to it! But all in good time k?

Pencil Sparring with Jake

I'd thought you'd like to know that you are spoilt silly by your Kor Kors. They always find time to play with you. And Kayden is really good at interpreting your needs. He sits next to you in the car and he plays with you and makes you laugh.

And you love laughing with them. It's the best part of my day, listening to all of your chuckles.

I still find it incredibly amazing to see all three of you playing on the floor. It makes me happy to see that you are no longer that baby who sits and watch but one who knows how to engage and tease your siblings.

Jamming session with Kor Kors

My biggest wish is that all three of you will grow up and love each other heaps. I hope you all have strong individual bonds with each other, as well as a team. It is so important to Daddy and me that you love and look out for each other when we are no longer around.

Needless to say, you are loved all round. And I'm pretty sure you know it! So Happy 13.5 months bubba!

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