Thursday, December 09, 2010

And we are making a list...

Since it's time for Christmas shopping,we have three very excited kids in the house hold who have been telling us incessantly about how good they have been all year? Oh wait.... It's just the boys. =p

D and I have been discussing presents and because the kids get spoilt pretty much all year round (looks disapprovingly at Grandpa), we have a few ideas on what to get for them this festive season. We will probably end up getting them one big item and a few knick knacks.

But here are a few ideas for kids their age.

The big request this year was for *surprise suprise* a kitchen set. We like the idea very much. For one, it saves space cos it's an all in one present for all three of them. Two, it would be so much fun seeing them role playing in their lil toy kitchen.


Then I saw some jammies that I love for lil K. And it doesn't get any better than our favorite monkey, Paul Frank.


And then I saw some really cute flash cards and posters from Etsy, which will be useful for K.


What I also love is bicycles for the boys. Just to get them active and playing outside.

What I like doing every Christmas is picking out a charity and donate something towards them.

This year, I have decided that we will go with Boys Brigade Share a gift.

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