Sunday, November 07, 2010

Farmer's Market @ Loewen Gardens

Since the husband is working on this long weekend, I'd thought I'll bring the kids to the farmer's market @ Loewen Gardens.

It is a fortnightly affair that is organized by the Pantry and offers a range of artisan food products as well as some produce from either the small local farms or Malaysia. Not unlike the markets at Australia. Just a tad smaller, that's all.

Ice Cream and Brioches

Dempsey is our usually hangout spot for lunches and coffees. More often than not, we are in the main area where Jones the Grocer or CMPB is at. But I've never explored this little nook before.

Other than the Pantry cooking school and cafe, there's a ballet studio, a few lifestyle shops, a kids clothing store with the most delectable items from all over, and a spa.

We walked around for a lil bit and then settled down for some breakfast at the Pantry. Eggs Benedict was the order for the day.
The 2 lookalikes
Eggs Benedicts. Yumz.

The best thing is there are lil nooks of play activities for the kids. Two trampolines sit at the grounds for the kids to jump amok. And there are playgrounds for them to muck around in whilst the parents are eating. Also, Little Bobby Cars (I heart those!) and Miro scooters are scattered around for the kids to have a lil ride on. Needless to say, the kids had plenty of fun.

K had a red scooter.

J had the blue one. Such a boy and girl thing.

It was, all in all, a pretty good morning. Pity about the heat but I think we will be back with Daddy in tow.

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