Saturday, November 20, 2010

Metro, You SUCK!

I am a lil embarrassed to write this post but it is annoying the crap out of my system so here goes.

Last evening, Mum and I drove down to Paragon with the 3 kids cause Metro, (cue that jingle, "Metro lights up your christmas"), had a ladies night promotion.

I was there to shop for Christmas stuff and Mum was there to just browse.

Now I don't normally frequent the joint but they had extended the sale to the trim shop and so I was there to check out Christmas trees and such.

So the clock hits 6 and we headed towards the escalator. There stood 3 security personnel who were checking if you had a metro card for admission purposes.

So as we approached the entrance, I was told VERY RUDELY by the woman that NO KIDS WERE ALLOWED.

Naturally, I was appalled. I had a sleeping 4 year old in the pram and a 1 year old that I was slinging on. So the only kid that was walking around (cos he REALLY wanted a christmas tree) was Big K.

So I said, "well, what am I supposed to do with them, then?"

To which, she replied nonchalantly, "Oh there is a playground upstairs, you can just leave them there."

Now I don't get mad easily... but I was F U R I O U S last night.

I normally walk away if they are polite and if they have an alternative solution to my kids. No need to make a fuss. But poor customer service gets my goat. I never stand for it.

I literally yelled at her and gave her a piece of my mind, in front of EVERYONE that was standing around. (Cause MEN were not allowed too. But that is another story)

I was incredibly angry with 1. her attitude 2. her amazing solution to my childcare issues 3. The way Metro handled their promotional event.

Look I understand it's Ladies Night and yes I can get it if I were to leave my kids at home. But FREAKING put it in your F**KING invite!

How could you ask me to leave my kids in an open playground with NO supervision and plus just pretend to look away after informing that. And rejecting people at the entrance is surely not an event plus point. C'mon it's freaking Metro, not the Butter Factory.

They got their manager down after realising that I was going nowhere.

By this time, my mum was naturally horrified that her stubborn daughter was raising her voice in public. Cause my mum will never have a verbal argument with anyone outside of family.

So after 10 minutes, the manager came down. She had all the SOPs of complaints management. She apologized. She listened to my rants. She "understood" and guess what? Metro did have a program for kids over two @ MindChamps Preschool on the sixth level. Kids under 2 were also allowed into the store. Well well...

Seems like all that yelling was unnecessary, ain't it?

If only her staff were informed.

We walked away after that. No business that treats their customer this way is getting ANY of my business.

So Metro is getting a complaint letter from me on Monday. And I am waiting to hear their response.

What a way to start Christmas shopping, huh?

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