Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Going on 8...

Speaking a thousand words.

This picture sums up our entire 8 year relationship.

For the eight years since I've known D, he has always been the one who makes me laugh the hardest.

The one who works the longest hours (even this past long weekend) and still makes time for dates and storytelling time with his kids.

The one who stood through the three crazy births of our children and never once fainted at the sight of all the gore and blood.

The one that gave up the luxury of driving to work and takes a 1.5 hour journey to and fro work daily, just so I could have the car to ferry the kids around.

The one who readily took back the old car and passed me the keys to the new one when it was ready.

The one who sits next to me at the movie theatre and covers my mouth when we watch silly shows like "Due Date" or "The Hangover" cause I laugh too loudly.

The one who always nods his head when I tell him of some silly idea I have in my head and never tells me it's impossible.

The one who would babysit my kids at any available given moment, just so that I can go out and do my thing.

The one who never nags if the housework is not done or there is no dinner on the table, to him, there is always takeout or waiting for the part time help.

The one who packs the essentials when we travel. =)

The one who never panic and always have a Plan B.

The one who would sit through all my shoe and bag shopping and has never whinged about my obsession with them.

The one who tells me that I am beautiful even though I've been having sleepless nights from looking after the baby.

That one who said that he would hold me till the end.

At the end of the day, he is the person that I want to see before I sleep.

Happy Anniversary, Babe!

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  1. Awww... it's so nice to know my friend is so happily married and has a beautiful family.


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