Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Year Ago...

I was probably in an endorphin high post birth in the hospital.

My minutes old baby girl was in my arms whilst I marvelled at how tiny newborns were.

She was everything that I every dreamed of. A closing bonus, you can say.

I remember the first question I asked D, after the delivery, was, "Is it a GIRL?"

And here she is one year on.

A vivacious and cheerful lil one.

A girly girl she is not.

She loves trains and puppies. And she is always there in the thick of all the action that her brothers are in.

She never hesitates to tell a person about her displeasure of how things are going.

And she cracks herself up with her play-pretend lil animated laughs.

Swimming is one of her favorite activities of all time. She's just such a water baby at times.

We have conversations about anything. She talks and gurgles and I was respond. It is magic!

She will be the lil puppy who crawls behind her running brothers to greet her Daddy at the door.

And when she sees her grandpa, it's like her world is complete.

Her fiestiest moments are with her Yiyi. This lil one loves to tease her so.

I love it when she plays peekaboo. She plunges straight into the pillows and then does a quick flick of her head to see if we are responding.

Amusing herself is never a difficult activity. She's always off to some nook or corner to explore the unknown.

There were a couple of times when she's pulled out her lil Adventurer card and tried escaping from our sight.

Her brothers adore her so. Lucky thing always have the attention of one or the other, cracking up at the lil gestures and games they have for her.

Most importantly, she's reminding us that there is such a thing as unconditional love.

I love you, baby girl. Thank you for being my lil bubba. Happy Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

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