Monday, October 11, 2010


So last night we attended a wedding of QH and SL. These two have been dating for eons and we were delighted to witness their biggest day yet of their relationship.

QH is a good friend of the husband's. The man has a bunch of close friends that he has known for 20 years. They have gone through the different phases of life together. Puberty, exams, army life, university, work, relationships, break ups and marriage, etc. Suffice to say, when they meet, it's always good jolly old times of fun.

Despite the late night we had @ Retrolicious, he got up at 6ish in the morning to head down for the gatecrashing. Then he was the mandarin speaking MC for the night. Gulp!

The rest of the boys were helping the couple with the dinner coordination. It was quite lovely to see the seriousness they carried out the duties. There were no hiccups at all. It was, overall, a really simple affair with minimal fuss, just how the newlyweds liked it.
More importantly, the best part of the evening was seeing my hamsum husband all spiffed up in suit. =) Lucky me!

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