Friday, October 29, 2010

Moving onto the next stage...

Now that the boys are both 5 and 4 years old, respectively, D and I have moved onto the next stage of parenting.

No longer do we have to be constantly watching their every move. Worried that they might hurt themselves, without knowing how or why.

We now have more freedom to go abouts doing our own things. Pursue our individual interests. Leave them with their grandfogies for babysitting. And we have more time for dates.

The focus on school work has grown a lil. Plus, they've been going for violin lessons. But, overall, we have two pretty independent kids who are sociable and loves getting their hands dirty, being lil grubby boys they are.

Still, looking at past galleries of pictures, one can't help but feel nostalgic of the time they were really my little boys!

Jakey baby!!

Kayden the animal lover. Still is, today!!

I miss their long locks!

Junior Basketballers

Jake in a tub.

Daylesford diary.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Year Ago...

I was probably in an endorphin high post birth in the hospital.

My minutes old baby girl was in my arms whilst I marvelled at how tiny newborns were.

She was everything that I every dreamed of. A closing bonus, you can say.

I remember the first question I asked D, after the delivery, was, "Is it a GIRL?"

And here she is one year on.

A vivacious and cheerful lil one.

A girly girl she is not.

She loves trains and puppies. And she is always there in the thick of all the action that her brothers are in.

She never hesitates to tell a person about her displeasure of how things are going.

And she cracks herself up with her play-pretend lil animated laughs.

Swimming is one of her favorite activities of all time. She's just such a water baby at times.

We have conversations about anything. She talks and gurgles and I was respond. It is magic!

She will be the lil puppy who crawls behind her running brothers to greet her Daddy at the door.

And when she sees her grandpa, it's like her world is complete.

Her fiestiest moments are with her Yiyi. This lil one loves to tease her so.

I love it when she plays peekaboo. She plunges straight into the pillows and then does a quick flick of her head to see if we are responding.

Amusing herself is never a difficult activity. She's always off to some nook or corner to explore the unknown.

There were a couple of times when she's pulled out her lil Adventurer card and tried escaping from our sight.

Her brothers adore her so. Lucky thing always have the attention of one or the other, cracking up at the lil gestures and games they have for her.

Most importantly, she's reminding us that there is such a thing as unconditional love.

I love you, baby girl. Thank you for being my lil bubba. Happy Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

And a big joyous birthday shout out to... one and only little gal, K.

Happpy birthday, sweetheart!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kate's Lil Birthday Bash

Last weekend, we celebrated Kate's 1st birthday with a lil party.

Coming from the tailend of two massive BOY parties prior in just the last six weeks, it was quite a breath of fresh air organizing her little girlie do.

I'd spent the better part of the month preparing lil highlights like the Candy table and having her lil pictures put up in frames to celebrate her first twelve months.

(Personally my husband thought I was mad for putting in all that effort and late nights doing all these extra preps. "Sleep, Babe!" was his mantra for the month! LOL!)

It poured absolute cats and dogs before the party. In fact, the rain was so heavy that we were so thankful there was a walkway for the guests to walk to the function room to get to the party. Or else, everyone was going to be drenched like a duck!

I got my boys to set up a train track for the kids who were coming. And it was a hit with the kids! Considering that there were 12 kids, only 2 of them were my nieces so it was a definitely a boys thing.

Kate was in a pretty jolly mood all night. Our relatives and friends all showed up bearing gifts and well wishes. Most of the kids there were her cousins and she is familiar with them so she spent most of the evening being a lil social butterfly.

Everyone kept exclaiming about how chubby she is and I kept getting asked what she was eating. =p Needless to say, she was fed left, right and center by the people carrying her.

And then it cake cutting time. My sister got a beautiful customised cake from ET Artisan. (Don't they make the most delectable and enchanting cakes? And macarons too!) It had lil animals on the top of the two layer pink and pin striped chocolate cake. Yumz.

I think she got a lil confused as to why people were singing so loudly towards her. And when the song ended, both her kor kors blew out her candles for her.

All in all, it was a pretty intimate and noisy party. More than what I could ever expect for her. Everyone left with such a big smile on their faces.

Can't believe that it has been a year!

Happy birthday Baby Gal!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Squint - A Year On

Since the last time I spoke about Jake's squint,we have changed three opthamologists and he has been on glasses since, which he would need for his long sightedness.

We didn't have a great experience with the first opthamologist. The second was such a lovely lady but she was a lil conservative with her approach.

So, in the earlier half of this year, I'd decided to seek another opinion at TTSH.

This time round, they ran the sames tests but they were able to get a better response from the boy. I guess, he is a lil older and also, he is able to convey his reactions in words.

At first, Dr Leo suggested that we go full strength with his glasses and we did that. However, after 4 months and minimal progress with the squint, she strongly recommended that we opt for a surgery to correct it.

Jakey has this thing called the residual squint. That means that the eyes will still be misaligned despite the aid of glasses. In his case, the muscles near the middle of the face, are pulling his eyes inwards when he is focusing on a particle thing. This also causes his eyes to intermittently switch off individually, creating a lazy eye symptom.

So last Wednesday, it was time for the surgery.

To say that we are worried is an understatement. But you'd probably can't tell cause we were pretty calm on the surface. We deliberately kept the boy in the dark about the surgery because, really, how do you explain to a four year old that he is going under GA and someone is going to cut your eyes open?

We'd simply told him that he was going to get his eyes fixed that morning.

The pre-op staff at TTSH were pretty good. They kept him entertained with color pencils and toys whilst prepping him for the surgery. He didn't suspect a thing until D brought him into the operating theatre.

The surgery was over in an hour. The alignment was exactly how they had predicted when they did a follow up the next day. So thank God it all went according to plan.

Poor kid was so drugged out by the anesthesia that he slept for another 5 more hours after the operation and he almost didn't wake up until we tapped shook him awake. And then he was almost stoned for the rest of the day.

The recovery process takes another eight weeks and then we go back to see if the alignment stays permanently. Hopefully, by then, his power would also come down and that would be the best Christmas gift for my little boy by then.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


When I was growing up, Debbie Gibson used to be the biggest star at that time. My cousins and I would dance silly to her tunes (on casettes!) whenever we meet. It was so funny, looking back now!

So when Class 95 announced that Debbie was coming! (alongside Rick Astley and Johnny hates Jazz ...both famous BUT I have no serious recollection of), my husband decided that we HAVE to get tickets!

Our bunch of friends were pretty keen to go too and we played dress up that night! Can I just say that it must be so fun being a teen in the 80s! How can you go wrong? Everything off is so right then!

It was not a great start to the concert, I must say. We had just had an awesome japanese dinner and was all pumped up to go crazy at the concert when we got sidelined to the massive queue that was outside Fort Canning. It was so long that we took an hour to get into the venue.

PS: Hello Organizers (RTTS!!) A lot of people were very pissed off with that! It was not the way to start the concert, ESPECIALLY when we were early too!

Eventually we got in and it was all ok for a minute. Johnny Hates Jazz opened the concert. Sang some old songs, mostly new songs. (Erm.. new album plug!)

I admit that I got a lil bored so I volunteered to queue for drinks. And then I realised that there were 2 drinks stands and 2 beer dispensers for the 6000 plus strong thirsty crowd.

Forty five minutes on and I barely moved in the queue. My fellow concert goer who was standing behind me was just as disgruntled so we grumbled a bit to the staff. Then just then!! they announced the second act and guess who?


I jumped off the queue and ran like my life depended on it! The gal sounds exactly like how she did when I was six! And she was soooo HOT!! Seriously! And the gal is 40!

We bopped to all of the songs that she sang. And she got the crowd so excited that she came back for an encore of ABBA's "Dancing Queen".

Then Rick Astley came on and did his thang. He was good too! But, like I said, I don't remember him at all. =p

Overall, it wasn't a bad night. It really felt like a big Mambo night! =)

Monday, October 11, 2010


So last night we attended a wedding of QH and SL. These two have been dating for eons and we were delighted to witness their biggest day yet of their relationship.

QH is a good friend of the husband's. The man has a bunch of close friends that he has known for 20 years. They have gone through the different phases of life together. Puberty, exams, army life, university, work, relationships, break ups and marriage, etc. Suffice to say, when they meet, it's always good jolly old times of fun.

Despite the late night we had @ Retrolicious, he got up at 6ish in the morning to head down for the gatecrashing. Then he was the mandarin speaking MC for the night. Gulp!

The rest of the boys were helping the couple with the dinner coordination. It was quite lovely to see the seriousness they carried out the duties. There were no hiccups at all. It was, overall, a really simple affair with minimal fuss, just how the newlyweds liked it.
More importantly, the best part of the evening was seeing my hamsum husband all spiffed up in suit. =) Lucky me!
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