Friday, August 20, 2010

Why We are Stopping at 3.

It is date night tonight! Feels like it has been such a long time since we last went out for a quiet meal and some vino!

And I'm just dying to get away for a lil bit of air!!

I have been very busy being Mom, lately. And with the husband busy at and traveling for work, the role of parenting has falling pretty much on my shoulders, which is a lot of work at the moment.

Between school pick ups and Chinese enrichment, there are meals to prep and house chores to be done. Kids to bathe, teach and entertained. I think this time round I am well and truly over my league of motherhood.

Also, now that the baby is well on her way to walking, (she is crawling at lightning speed), she's joining all the activities that her brothers are doing. If they are building a train track, she's there to tear it up. If they are playing with the puzzles, she wants a piece of that. If they are eating, she makes sure that she is at that table, demanding to be fed.

It is hilarious how she puts herself out there, making sure that they do not ignore her needs. And they have been quite gracious in accommodating her lil pesky nose when she comes into their playtime, although occasionally, she gets the naughty pointed finger from Jake.

With all that excitement from crawling, she's also forgoing her day nap. And that throws a spanner in the works because then I have to now schedule a different time to do chores.

So, about a week back, I've told the husband that maybe it's time we consider full time help. Just so that we don't have to worry about chores and I can stress less when I have to spend more time doing things with the kids.

It is not what I had planned for initially but I think it's time we give it a shot because with the demands of school work (And they are only in kinder!!) I am feeling really stretched at the moment that i flop into bed every night and zonk off into slumberland immediately. ( I know! My poor husband!)

And so the helper selection begins! I sure hope it would pay off in some way or another.

But, in the meantime, a glass of red would be sufficient for this tired mom tonight!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Up in the Air

Can you see what I see, Jake

Yesterday I went to collect the keys to our first piece of real estate in SG.

We bought the place earlier this year after house hunting for the past year.

And one of the reasons that drew us to the apartment (other than the location), simply, THE VIEW.

Being open and unblocked, we get glimpses of the different skylines and parts of the sea, which makes the place sooo windy.

Brought mum there to view the space and she totally loves it! Another great sign that it's a go was when the kids went berserk running around the empty space.

Can't wait to show the husband when he returns from Osaka tonight!

A new chapter begins.
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