Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Kate - 7 Months Update

Dearest K,

You've turned 7 months old last week. And as belated as this post is... I just wanted to jot down how you've been doing so that you can look back in the future to note and see how far along we've come in this journey.

If it's the one thing to describe you at this stage, it would be how much you sparkle these days. You've definitely come into your own lil personality, you lil rugrat. It's so funny how your eyes will light up when you see us the moment you wake up. You'll raise your lil arms to tell us to carry you as we approach the cot.

All ready to wake your Kor Kor up!

Actually, just the other night, you were sitting on our bed. And as Daddy was turning his back to leave the room, you immediately raised your arms at him. He didn't see you doing that, sweetie, and so you burst into tears cos you didn't want to be left alone in the room. I thought that was just magical. That you could sense the notion of what we were going to do next.

That said, alone with the sparkle, comes with the mischief as well.

You love to join in the games that your brothers play, these days. More often than not, when you catch a glimpse of them playing with their trains, you will immediately crawl towards their direction to grab one of the trains. Thank goodness you've got two brothers who are willing to pass you one of their beloved toys to muck around with.

These days you like to bathe with your brothers!

The love that they have for you is enormous. I hope you know that you've got two extra pairs of eyes to keep watch on you as you grow. They love to hang around you and make monkey faces to make you laugh. And you, in return, would stretch out your arms to touch their faces or giggle oh so loudly to their lil antics.


Two weeks after you turned 6 months old, you'd started to commando crawl. What exciting times, darling girl!!! Mommy was probably the most excited person to see you do that! Oh the places that you can travel to now, on your own! Sometimes you smile at yourself as you crawl and nod your head incessantly at me, when you see me. =) The speed that you move continuously increases and I can't wait till you start to go on all fours.

We brought you and kor kors to Bali last month and everyone had a ball of a time. I guess the beach and sunshine lifestyle is what every kid (big and small!) needs. Ahhh you can just imagine how much fun we all had. Especially when all three of you were mucking around on the beach. You had an awesome time playing with the sand tools and eating up a whole load of black sand.

Best of all, you loved the private pool we had at the villa. Ahh you could swim for hours, if we'd let you to. And it's not just floating around the pool but you actually kick and paddle your way through the entire lap. =)

Mommy loves spending time with you these days. It is true that having a lil gal is so different from the boys. You are somewhat gentler and you giggle a lot more than your brothers. And the amount of shopping that we can do for you! (just don't tell Daddy!)

Ya know, for a lil gal, you do have a really healthy appetite. I think you pretty much eat any and everything. Sometimes when I have you in my carrier, you will lift your head and open your mouth, when I am eating. And then when you realised that I am intentionally ignoring you, you will raise your arms to grab my hand and pull it towards you. Smart cookie, you are!

I just want you to know that we love you sooo much, pumpkin pie! And that every day is really a lil adventure with you now! =)
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