Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The 3 Kids Routine

Now that Kate is six months old, we have a pretty good routine going on in the household. This is what we do mainly from Monday to Friday. Busy busy!!

0800 - Baby wakes up and starts to mumble in her cot. She's quite ok with entertaining herself for about 30 minutes

0830 - By this time, she has little patience for the lack of attention so I'll get up and then give her her first feed. We laze around in bed for a while and then I'll get up to prep her breakfast. Jake usually gets up by now.

0850 - I wash up and goes out to prep her breakfast, as well as a glass of milk for Jake.

0915 - Jake eats his breakfast and plays on his own

0930 - Kayden wakes up. He stumbles into the living room and turns the TV on. I get him a glass of milk.

0945 - Jake gets a bath and brushes his teeth. He gets changed into his uniform. Then it's Kayden's turn.

1000 - Kate eats her breakfast. Then it's off to the bath for her. She splashes around the tub cos she really loves bath time! Then it's a change for her too.

1015 - Kayden eats his breakfast. And I leave Kate on the floor for a bit of playtime. Then it's time for me to run around the house to prep the boys' water bottles for school and pack Kate's diaper bag.

1040 - I rush to get a shower and change for the day.

1055 - After much cajoling and, sometimes, threats, everyone leaves for the house for the drive to school.

1130 - Kids arrive in school.

1145-1415 - Me time. Sometimes I meet a friend for lunch or run errands. But, mostly I take the time out to window shop or have coffee and have quality time with Kate. She also gets lunch here and milk too.

1430 - Pick the boys up. (If it's thursday or friday, Kayden gets lunch and stays behind in school for Chinese)

1500 - Reach home. Kids play or watch a lil bit of TV. I prep lunch or put out what I bought for their lunch.

1530 - Lunch (cos they have a bit of food in school mid day.)

1600 - Bath time for the boys.

1630 - I try to rest a lil or catch up on laundry or we do a bit of homework. These days, we spend time doing arts and crafts. The colors keep the boys captivated for a longer than usual period. (Plus, they have something to show Dad when he gets home.)

1800 - Kate bathes. After smelling fresh and powdery, she has her milk and then drifts off for a nap.

1830 - Time to cook dinner. If I'm not in the mood to cook, we will wait for D to come home to eat out or I'll drive down with the kids to meet him for dinner.

Or on date nights, I will prep the kids and then send them over to Mum's before meeing the husband in town for dinner and movie.

1930 - D comes home. All the boys rejoice cos their chief playmate is home!! They muck around for a bit. I serve dinner and everyone will have dinner round the table.

2030 - Baby wakes up. She plays with Daddy and the boys.

2100 - D puts the kids in for their last bath of the day. Then it's the brushing of teeth, milk, and sleep routine. Whilst they do that, I will take a shower. Then do house chores like ironing and such. Bleargh!

D comes out of the boys' room and have solo time with the bub.

2030 - Kate goes to bed! Now, we will have time to relax and either catch some telly or talk about the day.

2330- Bed time. Thank God Kate sleeps through the night!!

0800 - Repeat and go!

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