Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cafe Zucchini

One of the reasons I love going back to Bali is the variety of food they have there.

Seminyak is where we like to stay when we visit because it has some lovely beaches and it is central to a lot of places for shopping, eating and relaxing.

This time we stayed at a villa down at Kerobokan. It must be down season because out of the 15 or so villas they have there. We were the only ones there for a couple of nights! Yikes! But that also meant that we had pretty attentive service too!

Anyhoo, Cafe Zucchini is one of our fave haunts this trip.

We stumbled upon it whilst looking for another cafe and what a find it was!

It is such a cheery lil joint with a salad bar and a really good menu with a decent offering of fresh, organic produce. Thus far, we have not had one disappointing meal there.

It works for us because the kids love eating sandwiches and pasta and such, so it's really easy for us to pop in and have a meal suited for everyone! Most of their dishes are priced around $50000 ruppiah. (approx SGD$9). Also, don't forget to try their drinks too! They are absolutely yummy!

Cafe Zucchini @ Zuitton
Jl. Laksmana no. 49, Seminyak

The 3 Kids Routine

Now that Kate is six months old, we have a pretty good routine going on in the household. This is what we do mainly from Monday to Friday. Busy busy!!

0800 - Baby wakes up and starts to mumble in her cot. She's quite ok with entertaining herself for about 30 minutes

0830 - By this time, she has little patience for the lack of attention so I'll get up and then give her her first feed. We laze around in bed for a while and then I'll get up to prep her breakfast. Jake usually gets up by now.

0850 - I wash up and goes out to prep her breakfast, as well as a glass of milk for Jake.

0915 - Jake eats his breakfast and plays on his own

0930 - Kayden wakes up. He stumbles into the living room and turns the TV on. I get him a glass of milk.

0945 - Jake gets a bath and brushes his teeth. He gets changed into his uniform. Then it's Kayden's turn.

1000 - Kate eats her breakfast. Then it's off to the bath for her. She splashes around the tub cos she really loves bath time! Then it's a change for her too.

1015 - Kayden eats his breakfast. And I leave Kate on the floor for a bit of playtime. Then it's time for me to run around the house to prep the boys' water bottles for school and pack Kate's diaper bag.

1040 - I rush to get a shower and change for the day.

1055 - After much cajoling and, sometimes, threats, everyone leaves for the house for the drive to school.

1130 - Kids arrive in school.

1145-1415 - Me time. Sometimes I meet a friend for lunch or run errands. But, mostly I take the time out to window shop or have coffee and have quality time with Kate. She also gets lunch here and milk too.

1430 - Pick the boys up. (If it's thursday or friday, Kayden gets lunch and stays behind in school for Chinese)

1500 - Reach home. Kids play or watch a lil bit of TV. I prep lunch or put out what I bought for their lunch.

1530 - Lunch (cos they have a bit of food in school mid day.)

1600 - Bath time for the boys.

1630 - I try to rest a lil or catch up on laundry or we do a bit of homework. These days, we spend time doing arts and crafts. The colors keep the boys captivated for a longer than usual period. (Plus, they have something to show Dad when he gets home.)

1800 - Kate bathes. After smelling fresh and powdery, she has her milk and then drifts off for a nap.

1830 - Time to cook dinner. If I'm not in the mood to cook, we will wait for D to come home to eat out or I'll drive down with the kids to meet him for dinner.

Or on date nights, I will prep the kids and then send them over to Mum's before meeing the husband in town for dinner and movie.

1930 - D comes home. All the boys rejoice cos their chief playmate is home!! They muck around for a bit. I serve dinner and everyone will have dinner round the table.

2030 - Baby wakes up. She plays with Daddy and the boys.

2100 - D puts the kids in for their last bath of the day. Then it's the brushing of teeth, milk, and sleep routine. Whilst they do that, I will take a shower. Then do house chores like ironing and such. Bleargh!

D comes out of the boys' room and have solo time with the bub.

2030 - Kate goes to bed! Now, we will have time to relax and either catch some telly or talk about the day.

2330- Bed time. Thank God Kate sleeps through the night!!

0800 - Repeat and go!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Bali, bali... how we miss you so!

5 days of sun and beach have left us with a set of sun kissed cheeks and skin tone like we just came out of the solarium.

And it was a break that we all needed.
It was mostly fun! (Well, as fun as travelling with 3 kids can be! =p) We ate, played and spent a lot of time in the pool.

Anyway, pictures probably speak a lot louder. More words in a later post!

Ku De Ta

Sand Play

Grilled Snapper at Warung Eny's.

Pool fun @ the villa

Cafe Zucchini for brekkie and lunch

The Corner Store.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

May May

Gosh I am beeeeyond tired this week..

With the year whizzing through us, faster than you can say the way "WHAT?", we have now skipped to the month of MAY. Oh my!!

As the husband was busy at work this week, I had to pull extra mommy duties and I can literally feel that my body is struggling to keep up with all of the activities that I am meant to do with three kids. Gah!!

Anyhoo, last night we were at Hort Park. We had a surprise dinner at Kha for one of my girlfriends last night and the food was delish!!

How beautiful is Hort Park, anyway. It looks like a massive balinese resort. =)

It was a good night of chatter, banter and good company. An absolutely great way to while the midweek blues away.

By the time we got home, it was well past midnight and now I can safely say for both D and I that we are going to need a lot of coffee to keep our engines going today. Plus, the poor thing had to get up at 5 to go onboard this morning.

Thank God it's Friday tomorrow.

3 days to BALI!!! Can't hardly wait!

Monday, May 03, 2010

5 Years On...

5 years ago, we took a leap of faith and said, "I do" in front of a crowd of, perhaps, 34 people in a lil restaurant in Richmond, Victoria.

He was 28 and I was 24.

We knew that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together.

And this would be the only time that we would say our marital vows.

Being relatively young and just starting out on our careers, we could only afford a lil do for the people that we love and are closest to.

We ate, laughed and danced the night away and we never forget how happy we were that very night.

Five years on, we spent the night at a french restaurant in the lil niche of Singapore.

In the period between the wedding and the dinner, we have moved countries, changed job descriptions, travelled a lil bit of the world and have 3 kids.

So much has changed for us.

We are different but, yet, the same.

The road to a lifetime of happily ever after is often filled with a heap of unexpected unhappiness and mismatched expectations. But in the major pockets, we also have a ton of joy and love.

We may not be perfect life partners but we are the only ones that we have chosen for each other. And whilst the road might be uncertain and unexpected. I know that he will always be there for me and, me him.

The world encourages us to give up quite easily but yet at times when I fall, he has always been there to pick me up.

And this I know because we have had some really tough routes that we had to trek through.

I don't know a life without him, anymore.

So, on that night at Au Petit, we dined and laughed.

And we toasted our wines and thought about how blessed we were.

All we needed in this life we already have.

Our love. Our kids. Our family. Our health. Our friends.

I don't think we can ask for more.

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

It's just you and me, Babe!
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