Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Long Weekend

It has been a funny long weekend, of sorts.

We didn't leave town, as usual. Because the idea of squishing on flights with everyone else and paying sky high tickets is not my idea of fun. So we leave the vacationing for another quieter time.

So, instead, we chose to stay in for a bit. I managed to cook breakfast for two days. We brought the kids for a swim and some playtime. It was very leisurely and sweet. Not having to rush anywhere for any appointment is such a luxury these days.

In fact, I cannot remember my pre kids days. So sad, huh? I bet I had a hellava lot of time on my hands then.

What is funny about the weekend is how the husband is still ohsobusy with his work. He had to work on Saturday morn because they were short handed. And then after spending the day with us, he had to leave for a business meeting late in the evening. And today, he wanted to continue the meeting at two in the arvo.

It was followed up by a stern NO from the wife (aiyoh! two whole days leh!) and so it has been pushed to this evening, post dinner. And then follow up kopi session with his friends.


That is the trouble about running your own biz. The dude has been busybusybusy for the last few weeks. Busy is better than swatting flies, I'd supposed. *insert positive thinking thoughts here* However, I'm just a lil annoyed that our plans are often changing due to last minute phone calls. Patience is such a tough lesson to learn.

Anyway, what really saves the day is discovering new lil joints that makes me nostalgic for the streets of Melbourne.

Come right in

Papa Pelheta is a coffee place, tucked in the little nook of Hooper Street. They specialise in distributing coffee beans in SG. What is amazing is they open six days a week to serve coffee to people who walk through their doors, and into their beautiful rustic courtyard and living room. They call this a tasting and you can order any variety of coffee like lattes or cappuccinos, for nothing BUT a tip. Cool, huh? But please give accordingly. And also, if you like the beans being served, you can purchase them from the barista.

It reminds me so much of Brunswick street and how we used to hang out for a cuppa and great french desserts at Madame Sousou or Babka. Those days when we would gather with our friends and have candid chats in the cold. I miss those days, sometimes.

But coming to Papa Pelheta makes me realise what I love about living in Singapore now. Because there are so many of us who've gone overseas, there have been a myriad of places that are available of us to hang out these days.

Cups of Goodness

I think we will be going back there for more, soonish rather than later. =)

Hope you all had a good Easter. =)

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