Monday, April 26, 2010

And It is Done...

Heh! 15 months on and we've finally bought an apartment.

(Actually, we bought it about two months back but I had to wait for the papers to be filed and the cheque to be passed)

It is a stone's throw from the West Coast Mall and so me thinks we will be having lots of yummy sashimi from the newly moved Sakuraya that is housed there now.

I am beyond excited because it has been a long time coming.

(And, if you know me, my husband got a lot of grief, from me, pre-purchase because I simply hate househunting. =))

We settle the final papers tomorrow.

And then we wait till the project TOPs in the middle of the year.

So, meantime, I am stalking home decor websites for inspirations and I am thinking that we should have a pictorial wall somewhere in the apartment. =)

Also, a pegboard wall featuring the pots and pans would be ideal for our tiny kitchen too!

A girl can only dream, right?

PS: If anyone has a good ID or contractor, can you please let me know? Thanks.

*Pics from Apartment Therapy*

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Aftermath

I have to say that I am very incapacitated without the car.

It is as though someone has chopped one of my limbs off and there is nothing we can do in this instance.

See the trouble with a multi car collision is, if you are one of the vehicles who is caught in the middle of the crash, chances are you are going to get your bum screwed by your insurance company. Even if you are NOT at fault at all.

And in this instance, because we are car number 5 in a chain of 7 cars.

We managed to stop in time when the car in front of us pulled an e brake, due to an accident that happened just ahead. But because the taxi didn't even brake at all and drove straight into our boot, our car got pushed forward and thus resulted in an accordion situation with a smashed up front and a crashed in bum.

So we now have two options.

1. We file a claim under our own policy and pay the excess. Get the car fixed and then follow up with an after claim, which means we request for a lawyer on our insurer's end to pursue for the cost of the damage and if we win, we get to reinstate our rating, claim back our NCB, claim our medical and rental car bills.

2. We go for a direct claim from the cab driver who drove his car into us.

So because it is a "supposedly" hazy situation in the insurer's point of view, we have to follow through on the procedures.

The first car garage that we went to wants us to file based on Option 1 but we are not convinced that it is the best way to go. They were really conservative with their quotes and was generally low risk takers. Plus, they did not want to issue a loan car to us. So D got another garage to tow the car away and fix it. And we got a loaner too, which makes life terribly easy now.

So , 3 things I am grateful for:

1. The car is wrecked. - And we are not. So that I am thankful. The whiplash is a bitch but it is still managable. And we get a face lift for the car, well, sorta. =/

2. Accident Insurance - Darien completely forgot that he bought that but whilst looking for his insurance papers, he found the papers for our cover.

3. Our kids are OK - Probably the most important thing in the whole equation. Funny how it all played out that evening, when we made that last minute decision to leave the kids behind.

I gotta admit that I was thinking of all the what ifs. What if we didn't go out? What if we had picked up our kitchenware on Sat night, instead? What if we waited for another minute at Paragon? What if this is more serious than what could've been?

But I guess we were put in this situation to show that God was out there looking out for us. =)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Pile Up

We were heading home tonight at the CTE when our car got involved in a 7 car pile up.

We had spent the better part of the evening hanging around Orchard Rd on a mini date and was looking forward to going back home for a good night's rest.

It was such a crappy way to end the week.

What was incredible was we didn't hit the car in front of us when the driver engaged the e brake but just as we were sighing a breath of relief, the taxi behind us came onto the back of our car with a full impact and pushed our car forward to hit the other car in front.

Both of us stumbled out of the car in disbelief. And then when the shock had settled, we immediately went into work mode and took pictures and exchanged drivers info.

I was really miffed at the taxi driver who was busy looking at his meter and wasn't watching the road. And his car slamming into our boot has the both of us suffering from whiplash now. Gah!

That said, I felt pretty bad for the poor fella when he was sitting forlornly at the metal barrier counting his day's takings and thinking of how much his insurance payout is going to cost him.

The one thing I am thankful for is that our kids were not with us. I cannot imagine the injuries they will sustain if they were in the backseat.

The funny thing is we initially wanted to bring them along but they were a lil tired from swimming prior so I asked if my mom can babysit and she said ok. So we dropped them off at her place before leaving for town.

Now I'm just mad that I've lost my main mode of transportation for lord knows how long. And! We have to go through the trouble of dealing with the insurance companies.

It really is a crappy way to end the week.

Now I just hope that we can get the new car asap.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Kate is a lucky lil gal who has two older brothers.

The two of them love her dearly (thank God!) and would usually shower her with attention and attend to her needs.

But the thing is, she is usually only amored by one of them.

And that would be Kayden.

She would smile at him and coo at him every time he comes into her sight. I dunno if this is due to the fact that he looks similar to her or that he feeds her milk during the car rides. But, whatever it is, she adores Kayden. He could do no wrong in her eyes.

Jake, on the other hand, gets the least of her attention. Sometimes when she sees him, she gives him a disapproving glance. It is funny how she can distinguish who she fancies and who she doesn't. She would grumble when he kisses her and sometimes cry when he comes near her. Funny, eh?

That said, I think she's slowly starting to like him. The disapproving glances are slowly becoming a lil lesser and now she bothers to hold a conversation with him.

Meantime, check out this series of pictures we took a few weeks back. =)

Say Cheese for the camera, Mei Mei

Oh wait a minute, you are not Kayden kor kor!

Shucks! Got discovered!

It's ok! It's just me, Mei!

Somebody just pick me up already!!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Long Weekend

It has been a funny long weekend, of sorts.

We didn't leave town, as usual. Because the idea of squishing on flights with everyone else and paying sky high tickets is not my idea of fun. So we leave the vacationing for another quieter time.

So, instead, we chose to stay in for a bit. I managed to cook breakfast for two days. We brought the kids for a swim and some playtime. It was very leisurely and sweet. Not having to rush anywhere for any appointment is such a luxury these days.

In fact, I cannot remember my pre kids days. So sad, huh? I bet I had a hellava lot of time on my hands then.

What is funny about the weekend is how the husband is still ohsobusy with his work. He had to work on Saturday morn because they were short handed. And then after spending the day with us, he had to leave for a business meeting late in the evening. And today, he wanted to continue the meeting at two in the arvo.

It was followed up by a stern NO from the wife (aiyoh! two whole days leh!) and so it has been pushed to this evening, post dinner. And then follow up kopi session with his friends.


That is the trouble about running your own biz. The dude has been busybusybusy for the last few weeks. Busy is better than swatting flies, I'd supposed. *insert positive thinking thoughts here* However, I'm just a lil annoyed that our plans are often changing due to last minute phone calls. Patience is such a tough lesson to learn.

Anyway, what really saves the day is discovering new lil joints that makes me nostalgic for the streets of Melbourne.

Come right in

Papa Pelheta is a coffee place, tucked in the little nook of Hooper Street. They specialise in distributing coffee beans in SG. What is amazing is they open six days a week to serve coffee to people who walk through their doors, and into their beautiful rustic courtyard and living room. They call this a tasting and you can order any variety of coffee like lattes or cappuccinos, for nothing BUT a tip. Cool, huh? But please give accordingly. And also, if you like the beans being served, you can purchase them from the barista.

It reminds me so much of Brunswick street and how we used to hang out for a cuppa and great french desserts at Madame Sousou or Babka. Those days when we would gather with our friends and have candid chats in the cold. I miss those days, sometimes.

But coming to Papa Pelheta makes me realise what I love about living in Singapore now. Because there are so many of us who've gone overseas, there have been a myriad of places that are available of us to hang out these days.

Cups of Goodness

I think we will be going back there for more, soonish rather than later. =)

Hope you all had a good Easter. =)

Friday, April 02, 2010

Moroccan Baked Eggs

Had some craving for the Tunisian breakfast at Wild Honey but didn't feel like leaving the house this morning. So I whipped up a version of it at home and it's pretty darn foolproof delicious breakfast, made in less than 15 mins.

1 chorizo sausage (cut to abt approx 1 inch slices)
1/8 spanish onion (sliced)
1 clove of garlic (sliced)
1 entire sprig of coriander (cut the stems to small pieces)
2 eggs
1/3 tin of diced tomatoes.
Salt (I use sea salt)
Paprika (optional)

Preheat oven to 200 degrees (make sure top grill is on)
Add oil to the stainless steel pot (or something that can go into the oven.)
Pan fry the chorizo till both sides are a lil grilled.
Take it out.
Turn the fire down to a med heat.
Add spanish onion, garlic and coriander stems to the pot for 1 min.
Add the diced tomatoes. Simmer for about 2 minutes.
Then add the eggs.
Pop into the oven for about 3-5 minutes. (depending on how runny you like the yolks.
Then sprinkle salt and pepper and the remaining coriander leaves to serve! =)

Serve with toast soldiers.
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