Thursday, March 04, 2010

Baby Kate - 4 Months Update

Dear Kate,

You are now four months old, sweetie!

I think it's safe to say that you are well aware of how everyone spoils you. You should see how they stretch their hands to want to carry you whenever we arrive at a venue.

My Babies

Oh how you love it when people tease you. You will gurgle and coo in the most animated sounds that only a lil baby like you can make.

One of the first few times you lifted your head!

Just a week before you turned a month older, you've managed to do a 180 flip from the front to the back. It seems like you are like Mom, nothing or no one can persuade you to do anything but once you set your mind to do it, there is no turning back.

You like to hold your hands these days

Every night when we put you to bed, I would position you at the bottom of the cot because you have this ability to commando crawl all the way up to the top by day break.

You still sleep wonderfully. At night, that is. BUT it is a different story during the day. I guess it's gotta be due to the fact that you love your bed heaps! And you really like being at home. You simply refuse to sleep anywhere else! It's always power naps and then you'll shake yourself awake after awhile.

We brought you to Il Lido for Uncle H's birthday

Anyway, my chubby baby... it seems like there is no slowing down to your appetite. Since you were two months old, you've started to notice FOOD. It was rather amusing to see how you would salivate and stare intently at the dish in front of you.

Nothing that I can say would stop the older folks from putting food in your mouth! Arghz! But I guess with you being the third kid, everyone is so much more relaxed about looking after you.

Feeding time at Spruce but you were so distracted with everything!

But since you turned 4 months a few days ago, we've ventured into solids with you. I guess my plans to delay your intro to food is thwarted cause you loved everything that we have given you so far. From the apples to the pumpkin, you would just lap up whatever that comes your way. I am stoked!

So many trains to choose from

One of the things that you've really started enjoying this month is playing with toys! As you get more control with your hands, you are slowly discovering the things that you can grab and pull towards you. I can leave you with the play gym for pockets of time now whilst I potter around the house.

The other thing that keeps you occupied is, uhum, TV. We dun specifically put you in front of the telly but sometimes when I leave you on the sofa, you will incline your head to face the cartoons that are showing. Can I just say couch potato in the training, baby??

The good, obviously, comes with the bad!

You totally detest your car seat. Most car trips are still a no no in your books. I think it has got to do with the fact that you get so warm in it. But it is gradually getting better. We will get there some day, yes??

At Jones after CNY visiting

These days, it seems like you only prefer to have Mommy carrying you. We have reached a new level of stranger anxiety and just by having someone taking a peek at you and you would burst into tears. Sometimes Daddy doesn't have any luck with pacifying you as well.

But I must say that you have this lil cheeky grin that you save just for your Dad. You have this lil glint in your eyes that shines whenever he comes into your line of sight!

Jakeyboo and you!

Both your kor kors still adore you much! Every morning they will scramble into the room to look for you so that they can kiss you good morning. =)

I cannot believe you are so big now! It's just like yesterday that you were just a newborn but now you've turned into a spritely lil gal. The coming months will be more exciting now! Can't wait!

Loving you, sweetie pie!


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