Friday, March 19, 2010

The 20 Week Weigh in

Kate turned 4 months old a few weeks ago.

And that meant that...

It was time for needles again!!

Not the best kind of date I was looking forward to but it had to be done. =/

So, at 20 weeks, she is currently at 7.6kilo. (we made sure we took off her heavy cloth diaper this time round.) This puts her at the 90th percentile for weight. Which is quite consistent from the measurements in the last few months.

Length wise, she is 63cm. Which means that she is in the 60th percentile for height... and I must say I hope she grows up to be taller than her mom. It's no fun being a tiny shortie.... =p

The lil piglet was quite happy the morning we took her to the docs. She smiled at everyone on the way in and didn't whimper when the needle went in BUT when the nurse started to press the liquid into her chubby lil thigh, there was a massive change in the temperament and she wailed pitifully for a lil bit.

Poor baby.

I ended up soothing her with a treat of apple puree, which she lapped up in hunger.

Next month will be her last 5 in 1 and then it's her last shot of Hep B, a month later and we are D O N E till she is due for her pneumacoccal jab.

Can't wait!

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