Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Kate the Chubba

No kidding! There must be something in that milk!

We brought Kate for her 3 month check up last week. It was time for her to get her needles!

So the nurse took her measurements and the lil bak-kwa weighed in at 6.86 kilos, which puts her in the 97th percentile in her age range!! =)


To my amusement, the doc went, "Are you overfeeding her?"

I guffawed and went, "She's on full breast milk so I dun know how is it that I am overfeeding."

I bet my gal, if she can understand, would be a lil pissed off at someone insinuating that she is fat. =)

But nothing to worry about cos just look at Daddy. Surely she's not going to be as petite as me, rite? (Just look at her Kor Kors.)

For the record, she's 60 cm long for the length.

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