Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Kate - 3 Months Update

Dear Kate,

You turn three months today!

This has been such a month of growth for you, my dear.

A lil cryin'

For one, you are starting to grow into your own lil person with your lil strongwilled character. These days, you definitely know what you like and what you don't. We've carried you in positions that you are uncomfortable in and you've made sure that we adjust you to a position that you like.

Your older brothers have started school too! And so everyday, Mommy will bring you along on the school run. And without fail, someone else will cart you away from me as soon as I walk into the school grounds. The ladies there love cuddling you and I have no hesitation letting someone else have a lil moment with you.

In fact, I think we will have to enrol you there as the teachers there know you from the time you were in utero. We often joke that it is orientation from birth for you!

Chubby 'un

You have grown so much lengthwise and in weight too! Mommy is still fully breastfeeding you. And you've been great with both the bottles and the boob. But that said, you definitely prefer to feed from the source. It's your number 1 choice for refueling.

Daddy cannot help but love your lil chubby limbs. He loves to hold you up like Simba in the Lion King!

Practising your lil neck workout!

These last few weeks have shown how strong your lil neck has become. We can now carry you in an upright position without supporting your neck much!

Nom Nom

Developmentally, you've started noticing your lil hands! You coo and gurgle when we talk to you. Making the most animated noises a lil one can only do! Too cute, darling! Sometimes you'll amuse us with a loud giggle and we cannot help but laugh along with you.

One for the album!

Sometime this month, you've started to recognize who Mommy and Daddy are. So when someone else is carrying you, you give a worried look on your face . One that says, "Why aren't you the one holding me, Mommy?"

So far, it has not erupted into stranger anxiety. But I reckon it won't be long till that happens.

We've noticed that you've started to gain a lil interest in your toys. It's just starting to hit you that these are things that you can play with. I'm sure hoping that this would gain momentum so that I can have a few spare moments to do things around that house!

Sharing a laugh with your kor kor

Kayden remains your current favorite brother for now. You have such adoration for him. Whenever he comes into your line of vision, you perk up and make lil noises at him. Sometimes, he indulges you and have lil short conversations with you.

Jakey loves to come to wherever you are lying and give you a lil kiss. He is so good with looking after you in the car. He gives you your dummy and makes sure that it doesn't fall out.

Mommy is just stoked that you've been sleeping through the nights. Your regular bedtime is between 9:45pm to 10:30pm. After a bath and some milk, you will slowly ease yourself into a drowsy state and fall asleep on your own either in my arms or in your cot. That's right! We've gone from co-sleeping with you to moving you into your own lil bed. =)

Right now, you are attempting to flip! And you'll get a lil frustrated when it doesn't happen. Gotta keep trying, my dear! Hard work always pay off!

Ok, I better sign off now. Gotta spend time with your kor kors while you nap! I love you sweetie!

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