Monday, December 27, 2010

Feliz Navidad

It has been a very lovely Christmas for us.

We spent the eve belting our lungs out (well, everyone did. I was nursing a really sore throat.) with our really old friends at the KTV. There was conspicuous amount of alcohol involved and one very very dirty song. It also involved a certain persona putting on a pair of shades and doing his best Wu Bai impresssion and he had his troop of dancers with him. It was hilarious. =)

Christmas morning is BIG in our household. The kids woke up muttering, "Did Santa come, Mummy?"

And then it's followed by pressies opening and assembly. Yup! Daddy is the MAN when it comes to that.

The rest of the day is spent with friends and family. Eating waaaaaay too much and then vegetating at the couch from food coma.

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas too! Making memories that you can look back and smile.

Just like this. =)

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

And we are making a list...

Since it's time for Christmas shopping,we have three very excited kids in the house hold who have been telling us incessantly about how good they have been all year? Oh wait.... It's just the boys. =p

D and I have been discussing presents and because the kids get spoilt pretty much all year round (looks disapprovingly at Grandpa), we have a few ideas on what to get for them this festive season. We will probably end up getting them one big item and a few knick knacks.

But here are a few ideas for kids their age.

The big request this year was for *surprise suprise* a kitchen set. We like the idea very much. For one, it saves space cos it's an all in one present for all three of them. Two, it would be so much fun seeing them role playing in their lil toy kitchen.


Then I saw some jammies that I love for lil K. And it doesn't get any better than our favorite monkey, Paul Frank.


And then I saw some really cute flash cards and posters from Etsy, which will be useful for K.


What I also love is bicycles for the boys. Just to get them active and playing outside.

What I like doing every Christmas is picking out a charity and donate something towards them.

This year, I have decided that we will go with Boys Brigade Share a gift.

It's almost Christmas!

It is sixteen more sleeps till Christmas!

And to kick off the holiday mood, we have set up our own star adorned tree at home.

I have always wanted a tree for the home but we always hit a road block when it comes to buying one. Either we were relocating or we didn't have our own apartment. And so this year is better than any other. We weren't going anywhere and we had a place of our own!

It is a fun and whimsical tree, filled with reindeer and three little angels to represent our three lil tikes.

D and I set up the tree a few weeks ago. The boys were supposed to help but they got so excited in seeing the set up that they were simply dancing around the naked tree. And then when the excitement died down, they got down to decorate it with us.

Looks like it's time for some presents under the tree.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Lil Kate - 13 Months on...

Dear Kate,

And just like that you are a month and a bit into your second year of life!

Where has all that time go, baby girl?

Just a lil step forward

The biggest milestone so far is how you've found your two lil feet. It was an immediate progress right after you turn one, sweetie.

And once you've started walking, there was no return to your old four limbed crawls.

It makes Mama a lil sad that you are now a fullfledged toddler who has ideas on your own and no longer the lil baby who depends on me for everything.

In fact, the transition to toddlerhood was so quick that I fathom to remember the days when you were freshly out of the oven. It is quite a bittersweet feeling, I'd tell ya. Mainly cause we will probably not have another baby again. =(

Is that REALLY a basket full of bears?

These days, you prefer to walk than to be carried. Even when we are out in the malls running errands, you will ask to be put on the floor so that you can explore. The world is really your oyster now, isn't it?

There is really no stopping you. You will turn around and gaze at your surroundings. Then the explorer in you starts to discover all the little nooks and corners in front of you. You will keep walking for as far as we will allow you.

In fact, nowadays, when Daddy or I pick you up, you will scream blue murder and try to pry yourself from our grip. It is something we are working on so that you know that it's a no no to yell to get what you want.

Flipping through your Alison Jay Book

Talking is your next favourite thing to do, these days. You will walk to your toys and start having conversations with them.

It is still mostly baby talk but there are some words in your vocabulary now.

Let's see. There is Mama, Papa, Grandpa (loud and clear), grandma, Yiyi, Bao bao (when you want to be carried, ball, apple (pretty clear too )and cat.

However, this morning, you muttered the words "WAKE UP" and I was quite certain I was dreaming but you repeated it a few times. Eeps!

We've noticed that you love to grumble to yourself when things don't go your way. There were times when I've walked past you and listened to your lil mumblings. It was funny as. Hopefully, you will not be a lil grouchy miss as you get to your teens.

WHAT? Double digits?!

You have always been a good eater. In fact, you refused to have baby food anymore and you want everything from our table. So I cheat and let you have the presalted version of what we are eating. =)

The impish smile I see all the time

And you would slurp everything up when you realise that you are eating exactly what everyone is having.

Beowing what your kor kors are doing at Gym Time

We've noticed that you are a little restless being at home these days. You do like to be kept occupied with activities. Most times when you are out with us, you have these wide anime eyes that absorbs everything.

Truth is, I am dying to send you for some classes. And so I am off to explore on what works for you. If you know Mama, you would know that the most important thing for you to do at this stage of your life is play.

Playdate with Elliot

Playtime is most important cause you build confidence through learning how to work out the different toys or games. Playing allows you to be either solitary or it gives you the opportunity to socialize. Best of all, playing lets you discover your likes and dislikes. It helps you grow.

So, hopefully, we can find an important medium where you can play and learn at the same time. Maybe a little music so that you can groove to it! But all in good time k?

Pencil Sparring with Jake

I'd thought you'd like to know that you are spoilt silly by your Kor Kors. They always find time to play with you. And Kayden is really good at interpreting your needs. He sits next to you in the car and he plays with you and makes you laugh.

And you love laughing with them. It's the best part of my day, listening to all of your chuckles.

I still find it incredibly amazing to see all three of you playing on the floor. It makes me happy to see that you are no longer that baby who sits and watch but one who knows how to engage and tease your siblings.

Jamming session with Kor Kors

My biggest wish is that all three of you will grow up and love each other heaps. I hope you all have strong individual bonds with each other, as well as a team. It is so important to Daddy and me that you love and look out for each other when we are no longer around.

Needless to say, you are loved all round. And I'm pretty sure you know it! So Happy 13.5 months bubba!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Day Trip to KL

We were in KL over the weekend.

D had a last minute work appointment to attend to on Saturday night and so the boys and I tagged along for a day of eating and shopping.

We stayed at the Marriott this time round because of its location. Situated across the mall, Pavilion. It was a hop skip away from all the other malls in the Bukit Bintang area.

So after arriving late on Saturday night, we rested at the hotel before waking up bright and early for some cardio. Both for the tummy and the legs. =)

And here are some snippets of the day.

Adorable Cupcakes @ Delectable.

DC Superhero store

The new Paul Frank store! Whee!

Coffee Break

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Tonight I sleep in a different place from my babykins.

It is the first time she's been away from me for a night.

K is having a sleepover at my parents cos we are currently in KL for a night cos the husband is here for work.

We decided to leave her back in SG cos she's n o t so great with road trips. *cue incessant crying*

But who am I kidding? I miss my lil kiddo so! =(

See you tomorrow, Munchkin!



Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday Night Bumper Bowling.

Saturday night.

We had spent the earlier part of the day shopping for Christmas trim.

After grabbing a small bite, we headed to this lil bowling alley located at one of the civil servant clubs.

Two pairs of size 1 shoes later and the bumper was raised, the boys were ready to bowl.

It was so fun! And so cute to see them excitedly walking up to the lane and rolling them balls.

And then they would hurry to the ball machine to wait for it to cough out their bowling balls.

In the end, we had a grand old score of 88 to share between the boys. =)

In the meantime, Baby K discovered this old school machine at a corner.

All in all, it was pretty good value family entertainment for a Saturday night!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Metro, You SUCK!

I am a lil embarrassed to write this post but it is annoying the crap out of my system so here goes.

Last evening, Mum and I drove down to Paragon with the 3 kids cause Metro, (cue that jingle, "Metro lights up your christmas"), had a ladies night promotion.

I was there to shop for Christmas stuff and Mum was there to just browse.

Now I don't normally frequent the joint but they had extended the sale to the trim shop and so I was there to check out Christmas trees and such.

So the clock hits 6 and we headed towards the escalator. There stood 3 security personnel who were checking if you had a metro card for admission purposes.

So as we approached the entrance, I was told VERY RUDELY by the woman that NO KIDS WERE ALLOWED.

Naturally, I was appalled. I had a sleeping 4 year old in the pram and a 1 year old that I was slinging on. So the only kid that was walking around (cos he REALLY wanted a christmas tree) was Big K.

So I said, "well, what am I supposed to do with them, then?"

To which, she replied nonchalantly, "Oh there is a playground upstairs, you can just leave them there."

Now I don't get mad easily... but I was F U R I O U S last night.

I normally walk away if they are polite and if they have an alternative solution to my kids. No need to make a fuss. But poor customer service gets my goat. I never stand for it.

I literally yelled at her and gave her a piece of my mind, in front of EVERYONE that was standing around. (Cause MEN were not allowed too. But that is another story)

I was incredibly angry with 1. her attitude 2. her amazing solution to my childcare issues 3. The way Metro handled their promotional event.

Look I understand it's Ladies Night and yes I can get it if I were to leave my kids at home. But FREAKING put it in your F**KING invite!

How could you ask me to leave my kids in an open playground with NO supervision and plus just pretend to look away after informing that. And rejecting people at the entrance is surely not an event plus point. C'mon it's freaking Metro, not the Butter Factory.

They got their manager down after realising that I was going nowhere.

By this time, my mum was naturally horrified that her stubborn daughter was raising her voice in public. Cause my mum will never have a verbal argument with anyone outside of family.

So after 10 minutes, the manager came down. She had all the SOPs of complaints management. She apologized. She listened to my rants. She "understood" and guess what? Metro did have a program for kids over two @ MindChamps Preschool on the sixth level. Kids under 2 were also allowed into the store. Well well...

Seems like all that yelling was unnecessary, ain't it?

If only her staff were informed.

We walked away after that. No business that treats their customer this way is getting ANY of my business.

So Metro is getting a complaint letter from me on Monday. And I am waiting to hear their response.

What a way to start Christmas shopping, huh?

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Going on 8...

Speaking a thousand words.

This picture sums up our entire 8 year relationship.

For the eight years since I've known D, he has always been the one who makes me laugh the hardest.

The one who works the longest hours (even this past long weekend) and still makes time for dates and storytelling time with his kids.

The one who stood through the three crazy births of our children and never once fainted at the sight of all the gore and blood.

The one that gave up the luxury of driving to work and takes a 1.5 hour journey to and fro work daily, just so I could have the car to ferry the kids around.

The one who readily took back the old car and passed me the keys to the new one when it was ready.

The one who sits next to me at the movie theatre and covers my mouth when we watch silly shows like "Due Date" or "The Hangover" cause I laugh too loudly.

The one who always nods his head when I tell him of some silly idea I have in my head and never tells me it's impossible.

The one who would babysit my kids at any available given moment, just so that I can go out and do my thing.

The one who never nags if the housework is not done or there is no dinner on the table, to him, there is always takeout or waiting for the part time help.

The one who packs the essentials when we travel. =)

The one who never panic and always have a Plan B.

The one who would sit through all my shoe and bag shopping and has never whinged about my obsession with them.

The one who tells me that I am beautiful even though I've been having sleepless nights from looking after the baby.

That one who said that he would hold me till the end.

At the end of the day, he is the person that I want to see before I sleep.

Happy Anniversary, Babe!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Farmer's Market @ Loewen Gardens

Since the husband is working on this long weekend, I'd thought I'll bring the kids to the farmer's market @ Loewen Gardens.

It is a fortnightly affair that is organized by the Pantry and offers a range of artisan food products as well as some produce from either the small local farms or Malaysia. Not unlike the markets at Australia. Just a tad smaller, that's all.

Ice Cream and Brioches

Dempsey is our usually hangout spot for lunches and coffees. More often than not, we are in the main area where Jones the Grocer or CMPB is at. But I've never explored this little nook before.

Other than the Pantry cooking school and cafe, there's a ballet studio, a few lifestyle shops, a kids clothing store with the most delectable items from all over, and a spa.

We walked around for a lil bit and then settled down for some breakfast at the Pantry. Eggs Benedict was the order for the day.
The 2 lookalikes
Eggs Benedicts. Yumz.

The best thing is there are lil nooks of play activities for the kids. Two trampolines sit at the grounds for the kids to jump amok. And there are playgrounds for them to muck around in whilst the parents are eating. Also, Little Bobby Cars (I heart those!) and Miro scooters are scattered around for the kids to have a lil ride on. Needless to say, the kids had plenty of fun.

K had a red scooter.

J had the blue one. Such a boy and girl thing.

It was, all in all, a pretty good morning. Pity about the heat but I think we will be back with Daddy in tow.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Moving onto the next stage...

Now that the boys are both 5 and 4 years old, respectively, D and I have moved onto the next stage of parenting.

No longer do we have to be constantly watching their every move. Worried that they might hurt themselves, without knowing how or why.

We now have more freedom to go abouts doing our own things. Pursue our individual interests. Leave them with their grandfogies for babysitting. And we have more time for dates.

The focus on school work has grown a lil. Plus, they've been going for violin lessons. But, overall, we have two pretty independent kids who are sociable and loves getting their hands dirty, being lil grubby boys they are.

Still, looking at past galleries of pictures, one can't help but feel nostalgic of the time they were really my little boys!

Jakey baby!!

Kayden the animal lover. Still is, today!!

I miss their long locks!

Junior Basketballers

Jake in a tub.

Daylesford diary.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Year Ago...

I was probably in an endorphin high post birth in the hospital.

My minutes old baby girl was in my arms whilst I marvelled at how tiny newborns were.

She was everything that I every dreamed of. A closing bonus, you can say.

I remember the first question I asked D, after the delivery, was, "Is it a GIRL?"

And here she is one year on.

A vivacious and cheerful lil one.

A girly girl she is not.

She loves trains and puppies. And she is always there in the thick of all the action that her brothers are in.

She never hesitates to tell a person about her displeasure of how things are going.

And she cracks herself up with her play-pretend lil animated laughs.

Swimming is one of her favorite activities of all time. She's just such a water baby at times.

We have conversations about anything. She talks and gurgles and I was respond. It is magic!

She will be the lil puppy who crawls behind her running brothers to greet her Daddy at the door.

And when she sees her grandpa, it's like her world is complete.

Her fiestiest moments are with her Yiyi. This lil one loves to tease her so.

I love it when she plays peekaboo. She plunges straight into the pillows and then does a quick flick of her head to see if we are responding.

Amusing herself is never a difficult activity. She's always off to some nook or corner to explore the unknown.

There were a couple of times when she's pulled out her lil Adventurer card and tried escaping from our sight.

Her brothers adore her so. Lucky thing always have the attention of one or the other, cracking up at the lil gestures and games they have for her.

Most importantly, she's reminding us that there is such a thing as unconditional love.

I love you, baby girl. Thank you for being my lil bubba. Happy Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
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