Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby Kate - Two months on!

Dear Kate,

You turn two months today*.

Somehow, you seem to know that it is a special day because you stayed awake all day, willing us to play with you and talk to you.

You've become such a lil chubby bub! Almost twice of your birth weight! It makes you so squishable and I love carrying you around cos you feel like a life size dolly.

Kayden KorKor adores you!

This month is so special, because you started being a lil chatterbox. You coo when we talk and you smile the minute I appear in the line of your vision.

Julia, your doll from Auntie Mandy

That said, we've also become victims of your loud crying when you wake up and find that no one else is in the same room as you. As such, you've started taking short naps as you will peek your eyes open every fifteen minutes to check if we are still there.

Nowhere else can be more comfy than this!

Daddy says that we are spoiling you a lil too much with our constant carrying and cuddles. You love nothing more than being in the arms of somebody. In fact, you've been falling asleep on Daddy for the last two weeks. Once he puts you down, you'll pop up immediately as you know that he's moved you onto a different platform.

You would let us know if you are uncomfortable with the style that you are carried in by making a lil cry and then when you are adjusted to the right position, you let out a soft lil sigh. Then all is right in the world again.

Needless to say, we've fallen deeper in love with you, lil munchkin. So far, Mommy is still your favorite person in the household cause you save your biggest smiles for me. And I, in return, would not exchange time spent with you for anything else.

Grandpa and Grandma are also your biggest fans. They have been babysitting you (and your kor kors) whenever Mommy and Daddy sneak out for a movie or for time out with friends. And it has been a constant report that you have been the cutest and quietest baby. (heh! not really true all the time!!)

I love you, my chubby bubby! Here's to another month of you!!

*Posted four days ago.

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