Monday, November 09, 2009

Seven Years

Me and my baby gal

Baby and I went out for dinner on Sunday evening.

It was our seventh dating anniversary and we thought it would be lovely to get out for a bit of us time.

After all, it has been a few hectic weeks with moving, settling in, having a new baby and Darien's Papa being in hospital. I think we were looking for a bit of a breather. =)

We brought Kate along because she's fully on breast milk and we weren't sure if my parents could cope with all three kids! And she was being such a good baby by sleeping through dinner and the car ride! (I love babies at this stage!)

T'was a good Italian dinner with the mains and desserts as highlights. I was craving for pasta and since I'm a full time milk machine, I am allowed to eat as much carbs as I like! =p

Being a Sunday evening, there were just us and a family having dinner in the restaurant. Which was just perfect in my opinion.

Seven years seem like such a long time but, really, it feels like it has just flown by. We've definitely grown in more ways than one. And love seems to take a deeper meaning than what it felt like in the beginning. =) The funny thing is, you realize that it takes a lot of work to make a relationship work. Love ain't the same without the additional effort.

I love my Hubbi. I think he's been amazing throughout the different points of our time together. Through the good and the bad (and sometimes very bad) he's always been the pillar of my life. Sometimes we disagree on things but, unlike how things are at the beginning, we tend to just let the smaller things go these days. (That's what growing old does to you! =p) I lean on him for most decisions and I know that we are in this for the long term.

He still makes me laugh. (And we do have a weird sense of humor.)

And he gives the best hugs. xx

So 3 beautiful kids later, here we stand.

Happy Anniversary Baby! ♥♥

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