Friday, November 06, 2009

Baby Kate - The Birth Story

Kate's birth story was not something that I expected.

I was somewhat hoping that I would deliver somewhere in my 37th week since she is my third baby. But the time came and went and nothing happened. We hit week 39 and still whilst there were some signs of contractions, nothing was really strong enough to warrant a trip to the hospital.

Here is the timeline for the birth.

Friday 23 Oct 09 - So during my visit to the gynae on Week 38 Day 6, she announced that I was actually 3.5cm dilated and that I was actually having contractions whilst she was doing an internal examination.

I was like WHAT? So we can have this baby any time now? But after being strapped onto the CTG, it was quite clear that nothing was going to happen that day.

My gynae did warn that things will go pretty fast after I hit 4cm.

The weekend passed and I didn't feel anything. However, walking around with the notion that you are dilated is quite scary. I was thinking what if my waters break in the middle of the movie? Or if I cannot feel the contractions and then the baby will just drop out of me when I'm walking. Tee hee.

Monday 26 Oct 09 11.26pm - I started feeling the contractions again. This time round, it was quite clear that it was something to be taken a lil bit more seriously as I was feeling it in my hips. I started to time the contractions and it was quite consistent for two hours before it slowly died down. I actually fell asleep so I guess things were heating up but it still wasn't time.

Tuesday 27 Oct 09 6:36am - I was woken up by a massive contraction which kept me up. This was followed by another two hours of rather strong waves of contracting. By this time, I woke the husband up and said, I think we better make a headstart to the hospital.

After making sure that the boys were being looked after, we left for the hospital. But NOT before stopping for breakfast at McD's (because you need to have energy for labouring... )

I called the gynae's clinic and they advised us to go in for a CTG to make sure that it's not a false alarm. Fair enough I thought. So we arrived at about 9:30am. Shortly after, they strapped me onto a CTG machine and it was clear that things were progressing.

A check by Dr K showed that we were 5 cm dilated. She mentioned that my baby head was low and could feel that my water bag was about to burst. I was then told to go to the hospital NOW. It was clear that we were going to have this baby that day.

11:30am - Darien drops me at the reception at Mt A while he went to park the car. I was sent up to the delivery ward. But as soon as the head nurse saw me, she went," Oh dear we don't have a delivery room for you." NOT GOOD. She did panicked for a bit cos we were @ 5cm.

At this point, my husband walked in and he went, "How bout we go back to TMC?"

That was when the nurse went, "Dun worry, we will sort out a delivery room for you." I was then shown to the observation room to be ,yet again, strapped on for monitoring because my gynae stipulated for constant monitoring.

12:05pm - I was told that I could move to an delivery room. The contractions were still quite bearable at this stage. I was then pushed to the room at the end of the aisle. Turned out it was the backup delivery room and it was just tiny.

It was also where I had my "show."

Right after, things got a lil bit more painful and I was just sucking on the gas for my pain.

We tried to press the call button for the nurses but it turned out the button was BROKEN.

So in the midst of my contractions, I had to grit my teeth whilst the administration lady came in with the handyman to FIX the blardy thing. My goodness.

Good thing she was friendly and got me some water and milo or else I would've lost my head at them.

2pm - Doctor K comes by for a visit. I was almost 6cm dilated. It was then when she did the internal examination that she burst my water bag.

Things were starting to heat up cause I was getting quite delirious with the pain. In fact, it got to the point where I was grabbing the rails whilst breathing in the gas.

2:15pm - I was once again told by the really nice nurse that she had a nicer delivery suite for me back at Room 2. And that she would like to MOVE me there. Arghz... By this time I was quite high from the gas and the pain. I remembered that it was the longest journey as she was pushing me in the wheelchair towards the new delivery room.

2:40pm - Things started to moving really quickly. I was given a pethadine jab because I needed something stronger than the gas. And by this time, the Eurasian nurse looking after me, insisted that my gynae be called to return IMMEDIATELY.

2.50pm - Doctor K arrives. She quickly got me in a position to push. After one push, the baby's head was out but I was squirting clots of blood and she knew that it was either my placenta separating OR my uterine scar from my previous c section was bursting. Dramas that I didn't know but my husband remembers oh so vividly. So she got the vacuum out and got me to push again. This time, the lil one came out completely.

After examining the placenta, she said that the cord was quite short and so as the baby descended, she was pulling the placenta and it was separating from the lining, causing it to bleed. Thank God for her quick thinking.

And that was my birth story. I must say that my recovery post birth was rather quick and I was feeling back to normal in a couple days. That said, I think age plays a part. Somehow I feel a lil more fatigued this time round than how I felt after my first two deliveries.

My husband has been amazing throughout this birth. He's the one that kept encouraging me when I was pushing cause I was so high on the gas... it took a lil bit of time for things to get through to my head. Poor baby was witnessing all the horrid parts of child birth as he had to hold my leg up to get me to push. Without him, I think my labour would've been a lot longer.

Baby Kate had a great AGPAR score after her birth and I was just glad that she arrived safe and sound. Despite being moved three times during my delivery, I thought the nurses at Mt A were really warm and decisive at anytime that I interacted with them. =)

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