Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3 Weeks Already?!

Dear lil Katiepoo,

You turned three weeks old just yesterday and, my, it certainly felt like you've been in our lives for a much longer time.

When Mommy found out that you were going to be a lil gal at the ultrasound, I was really stoked! I've always wanted a baby gal (who else is going to inherit the bags and shoes!) and, after having your two mischevious kor kors, it was a really pleasant surprise to finally get my prayers answered. I would often stroke my belly when you were in utero and smile at the notion of your presence. Not to mention, the shopping that I got to do as well.

I spent the first two days cuddling you heaps cause I know that it is a big change from the warm and cozy environment that you were in for almost all of 10 months. I remember just spending time looking at you and realising how lucky we all are for having you in our lives.

I love smelling your lil powdery head and holding your lil hands. Daddy and I noticed that you, my dear, are blessed with really long fingers and limbs. And I certainly hope that you would inherit Daddy's height, as you grow.

Daddy and I are so used to having boys that we had to switch gears the moment you arrived. For one, we had to get used to the style of changing diapers. And And two, we had to get used to how docile you are. Your older brothers are a lot rougher and bigger eaters.

You know, we noticed how you have this lil serious look on your face whenever you suss out the environment that you are in. Lil frown lines would appear on your fore head while you figure out who is carrying you or which room you are at. It is the cutest expression and we would laugh at how solemn our lil baby is.

Anyhow, I just want you to know that your kor kors completely adore you and they would come by to kiss and sayang you throughout the day. I'm quite convinced that whilst they will be your bodyguards, you will in turn keep the two of them in check.

I love you my lil darling! Can't believe you are almost hitting a month soon! Too fast, I'd say!


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