Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Night Rambles

We have had a few busy days since Daddy's been away.

It's always amazing how things fall into place unexpectedly when you are managing the kids solo.

So far, we've been out meeting friends, playing with a friend's dog that just came back from Oz, play dates with other kids and furniture shopping... Buzzi bees we are.

I'm exceptionally thankful that, this time round, we are living back here in Singapore. It really does make a difference when you have a few more extra pairs of hands to help out with the kids, who can be such big bundles of energy. (Especially if you've met my boys... =p)

The kids are at the age where they know that Daddy is away, whether it is for work or other stuff. They've been rather good, really. Playing by themselves. Laughing heaps at silly stuff. And they occasionally say, "I miss Daddy." ♥

The part that I miss about having Darien around? It is the night duties that he does with the boys. He roughs and tumbles with them before bed time every night. And he reads to them. Sings songs with them. Preps their milk. And then sends them to bed.

All these while I have some ME time. =) Bliss...

Anywayz, it's gynae time tomorrow. Time to see the lil miss again.

We are almost at 35 weeks. Gasp! And we are NOT even ready at all!!

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