Thursday, September 17, 2009

Setting up the Nest

With the impending arrival of our third (and potentially last) child, I have been a lil busy (read: obsessive) about preparing her lil nursery. It's gonna be rush rush rush once I get the walls painted in the apartment. =)

Here are some of the products that I found online and really liked:


I have fallen in love with Oeuf's Sparrow cot in Grey.

A simple stylish cot, available in several colors. It is built in Europe and designed by a NY based firm, using environmentally friendly products, it is definitely everything that I look for in a bed for bubs.

If money was of no object, I think I would badger the husband into buying that cot. But alas, that amount spent could pretty much accessorize the rest of the nursery. =)

Oh one last thing to add, the beauty of this cot is that it converts to a toddler bed and thus extends its lifespan. =) Kinda makes it feel like a worthwhile investment, huh?


I got really excited when I saw the Belle and Boo prints on ETSY.

Looking at the illustrations make me feel that they are just whimsical and magical. They remind me of the old Enid Blyton books that I used to read when I was a wee one.

After much deliberation, I purchased three of her prints and I cannot wait to frame them and mount them on the wall.

by North American Bear

Ok.. not really an item I bought for the baby, I actually bought it for Jakey because he LOVES to rub the corners of any blankie or pillow on his nose. =) Kinda like Linus of Charlie Brown.

It's all of 8 inches long and it's made of ultra soft velour... it is meant to be placed over the newborn's tummy like a security blanket.

Once I saw it, I knew it was perfect for my lil boy!

And I was right! He hasn't let it out of his sight since he got it and it's his number 1 bedtime buddy now.

Seeing how much he loves it, I told the husband that we should buy a backup Baby Cozie just in case this goes into the wash.

Available in a few other assorted characters as well.

Mermaid Mobile by North American Bear

North American Bear makes the loveliest mobiles. Each one of them comes with a specific theme and an accompanying classical tune with it.

I like my baby's mobile to be quite old school so the new remote controlled ones do not cut it for me. =)

So I chose one from the North American Bear's line.

Now I can't wait for the cousin to lug it back from the States so that I can see it!

Alphabet Poster

I am toying with the idea of buying the prints and hang it close to the change table. =)

Something for bubba to stare at when she is a lil older and starts to kick around whilst I am changing her stinky diapers.

Isn't it beautiful??

Gosh I think I am spoiling this lil child before she is born. =)

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