Monday, August 17, 2009

Pregnancy #3 Week 29 - Crikety Hips and Dwell Baby


We've started checking items off our baby shopping list last week.

After spending time browsing through the baby stores for cots and such, we headed down to the treasure trove that is Kaki Bukit, which has two of the baby hypermarts, to see what they had to offer.

I was quite determined to buy a white cot and was surprised that most places only offer the pine or oak version. =( But I found what I was looking for there and managed to get a maxi cosi for a great price! It was the cheapest that we had uncovered and so we got one as a gift for our friends who just had their first lil boy today!

So I guess that totally triggered the nesting mode in me cause come Sunday, we were in Great World City for yum cha and I hopped into Mother Work Baby and discovered the most beautiful cot sets ever.

Dwell Baby is a branch of Dwell Studio from NYC. They do great graphics for home and both kids bedding, as well as, cots. I was so enamored by their designs that I bought a fitted sheet for Baby Gal and felt most gratified after paying good money for it. =)

In fact, I like their sheets so much that I was thinking of doing the boys room, when we move out, with some of their sheets and prints!

Anyway, as the lil bean in me gets bigger, my poor pelvic is paying the price for carrying her lil chubby body. Some days it hurt so much that I have to start rubbing the muscles that are linked to the pelvic floor just so that I won't have a lil limp in my walk. Sighz... and we've got another 10 more weeks to go! =)

But no worries, we shall soldier on. As long as she is healthy and comes out easy, I'm happy to go through this period.

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