Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pregnancy #3 Week 27 - I'm carrying a lil piglet

'scuse the flat tummy

I am quite amazed at how exhausted I am this pregnancy.

The last two that I have experienced was a lot less tiring and I was pretty much active till my due dates. But this time round, I yearn for my bed after being out for a couple of hours. I send the husband to run errands and if there is anything I can get anyone else to do, I'll send the next willing volunteer out to do it.

Yes I am that lazy. =)

And the reason I found out yesterday at the gynae's visit is... that I am carrying a ginormous baby in my tummy. All 1.22kg of it at 27 weeks, which is at the 75th percentile.

My my! Apparently her abdomen is a lil chubbier than usual too. I guess someone's having a fun time growing in her water home.

At first, Dr K thought that it is the direct result of a probable gestational diabetes but it's not. Thank God.

Maybe this kid is just like her Daddy cos the boys were tiny in utero. ANow I fear the delivery process cause we have another 13 weeks to go and man! I wonder how much bigger she is going to get.

Better start researching diet plans now. *winkz*

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