Saturday, August 22, 2009

KEANE - Perfect Symmetry

I was in Bali when I realised that KEANE was coming to Singapore for a concert!!

Was in two minds if we should spend the moolah at hot hot Fort Canning but on the day itself, I thought, WTH?

KEANE = Great music, right?

It was the best decision ever. (although we did spend three hours fanning ourselves crazy with the freebie fan!)

I was expecting Tim the lead singer to be a fat lil english bloke so was I surprised that he has legs as long as a supermodel! Plus his new hair cut made him look a lot better in person. He had a lil bit of a military band like marching when he was standing still. But boy! can the man sing?! His vocals are awesome live.

It was a fun night out with the husband. I was quite beat after spending three hours on my feet but the music carried me through. Oooh all that walking up and down Fort Canning...

Now to think if I wanna go for the Beyonce/Black Eyed Peas one in September... but it would be incredibly close to Missy B's due date.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pregnancy #3 Week 29 - Crikety Hips and Dwell Baby


We've started checking items off our baby shopping list last week.

After spending time browsing through the baby stores for cots and such, we headed down to the treasure trove that is Kaki Bukit, which has two of the baby hypermarts, to see what they had to offer.

I was quite determined to buy a white cot and was surprised that most places only offer the pine or oak version. =( But I found what I was looking for there and managed to get a maxi cosi for a great price! It was the cheapest that we had uncovered and so we got one as a gift for our friends who just had their first lil boy today!

So I guess that totally triggered the nesting mode in me cause come Sunday, we were in Great World City for yum cha and I hopped into Mother Work Baby and discovered the most beautiful cot sets ever.

Dwell Baby is a branch of Dwell Studio from NYC. They do great graphics for home and both kids bedding, as well as, cots. I was so enamored by their designs that I bought a fitted sheet for Baby Gal and felt most gratified after paying good money for it. =)

In fact, I like their sheets so much that I was thinking of doing the boys room, when we move out, with some of their sheets and prints!

Anyway, as the lil bean in me gets bigger, my poor pelvic is paying the price for carrying her lil chubby body. Some days it hurt so much that I have to start rubbing the muscles that are linked to the pelvic floor just so that I won't have a lil limp in my walk. Sighz... and we've got another 10 more weeks to go! =)

But no worries, we shall soldier on. As long as she is healthy and comes out easy, I'm happy to go through this period.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Need to Cook

Pizza with potatoes, mozzarella, rosemary, thyme and tomatoes from

Man! I miss my kitchen!

I think it's high time that we get our place. The husband has another nine weeks, I think, to find a home.

The lack of space is killing me and I cannot figure out, where in the world, can we fit a cot in our current living arrangements. So there! I've given the ultimatum and now I'm sitting back and waiting for him to finish his fieldwork.

House hunting has never been so relaxing.

I just cannot believe that I've spent the last 4 years of my life searching for one house to buy after another.

Now I just want to kick up my feet and nest! And I need the space to do it. Do you hear me now, baby?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pregnancy #3 Week 27 - I'm carrying a lil piglet

'scuse the flat tummy

I am quite amazed at how exhausted I am this pregnancy.

The last two that I have experienced was a lot less tiring and I was pretty much active till my due dates. But this time round, I yearn for my bed after being out for a couple of hours. I send the husband to run errands and if there is anything I can get anyone else to do, I'll send the next willing volunteer out to do it.

Yes I am that lazy. =)

And the reason I found out yesterday at the gynae's visit is... that I am carrying a ginormous baby in my tummy. All 1.22kg of it at 27 weeks, which is at the 75th percentile.

My my! Apparently her abdomen is a lil chubbier than usual too. I guess someone's having a fun time growing in her water home.

At first, Dr K thought that it is the direct result of a probable gestational diabetes but it's not. Thank God.

Maybe this kid is just like her Daddy cos the boys were tiny in utero. ANow I fear the delivery process cause we have another 13 weeks to go and man! I wonder how much bigger she is going to get.

Better start researching diet plans now. *winkz*

Cat's Wedding Dinner

Darien's cousin, C, got hitched last weekend at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental.

We thought that traffic was going to be a nightmare with the hotel facing the NDP dress rehearsal and all but surprisingly we managed to get a spot in Marina Square. =)

The food was exceptional and I think this was one of the better dinners that we have attended.

It was a relaxed affair as the bride as the groom were quite laid back people. The kids had a ball playing with their cousin. So we managed to eat our way through dinner.

Congrats C&C! Here's to a lifetime of blessed happiness!

I bring my personal photographer everywhere

A pic of us that he took

Cuddles for Daddy
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