Friday, July 17, 2009

Pregnancy #3 Week 21 - Let the shopping begin *Backdated**

I'm usually the conservative preggo mama.

This means that I wait till I am well into the second trimester before I start to prep for the baby's arrival. Everything before that just makes me nervous that it is too early to do so.

Yesterday we had an appointment for the 20+ week detailed scan at the hospital. In true typical style, we waited and waited for our turn to see the ultrasound lady.

Singapore has a much different approach to the Aussie system. In Melbourne, the husband was welcomed into the room with me at the start of the scan BUT it works in another manner here. The boys were told to wait outside whilst I get my measurements done and only at the end of probably 15 minutes, (where I spent twiddling my thumbs simply because I could not see what was on the screen!), when they were allowed in.

Baby gal was all of her usual active self. She really gave the lady a hard time with all her lil escapades off the ultrasound wand. She had to be chased in order to get a still picture of her lil anatomy, which I thought was hilarious.

But what a magical moment it was yesterday...when we finally got to see the lil one, she was smiling at us, busy waving with her hands, gave us a thumbs up and then at the last moment, pop her lil thumb into her mouth! It was clear as day that she has the same personality as my two boys!

Gosh and at that instant I fell in love with her. I love it that she is all spunky and active. Tomboy, I tell you. And what a cheery young lady I hope she will be.

So now that it is 99.9% confirmed that it is code pink, I think it's time for the shopping to begin!

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