Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Lil Cook

Whenever we see the progress reports of Kayden in Daycare/School, it will always feature him in the home corner cooking.

And sometimes when I am watching some random cooking show on cable, ala Jamie's Home, he would sit next to me whilst I commentate on the ingredients and the steps taken to cook a particular dish. And the cutest thing is, he will regurgitate most parts of the recipe back to his Daddy the next day.

So on this particular evening, I was feeling kinda lazy but yet I wanted the kids to have their homecooked dinner. And when I get lazy, I cook pasta. Simple and filling for my active boys.

After giving them a choice of either cream or Bolognese base, I asked Kayden if he wanted to help out. =) After all, Darien and I did talk about wanting the kids to learn to cook n be self sufficient before they are teens. 

Child Labour

His eyes lit up and just went "OK!" So I set him up with the task of grating cheese. And he did it with such finesse. *whilst helping himself to the parmesan as he grated*

Being really careful

He then helped out a lil with the cooking like putting the cheese into the sauce and then chucking the pasta into the mix.

Tucking in

Even Jake got into it

We finished off by adding some avocado on top and voila! Dinner is served!

A pat on the back and he was happily chomping into his food. =) It was an experience that he repeated to his Daddy when Darien got home from work that night.

I think we will be doing this again soon! 

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