Thursday, July 02, 2009

Kayden Speak #294856

On finishing the jelly beans without my knowledge:

P: Kayden, where are the jelly beans?
K: I finished it already.
P: Hmm how come you didn't ask mommy if I wanted some? That makes me very sad. *fakes a sad face.*
K: Don't worry, Mom. We'll go and buy new ones tomorrow k? *pat me on my knees*
P: Who's gonna pay?
K: Me. Must buy blue ones and green ones.

Boys were holding onto our iphones and Darien asked for his to be returned by Kayden.

D: Kayden, can Daddy have my IPhone back?
K: Ok wait.
D: Quick.. I need to put it in my pocket.
K: But if I return it to you, how am I going to play my checkers HUH HUH HUH???

Lord, we laughed our heads off when he said it! It was just hilarious.

The day before the boys went back to school, Kayden was talking to Jake in the car.

K: Jakey we must go to school tomorrow.
J: Uh huh
K:You cannot cry, huh? Must be a good boy. Carry your own bag, ok? Then we go see Lao Shi.

Gosh, this kid is growing up way too quickly, man! =) Some days he makes us laugh, other days he amuses us with his lil bits of wisdom. I can't believe he is turning 4 soon!

Me? I just wish time will stand still for a lil bit cause I like my boys at this stage. 

Life is just lovely being so simple.

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