Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Building Woes

Owning a home in Australia has always been a dream for us.

When we first signed the contract for the plot of land that we bought in Melbourne, we had such big dreams for it. Oh how eco friendliness it should be. The layouts of the rooms. The plans for the landscaping. The potential dream of perhaps moving in when the kids are older.

And whilst the house is clearly taking shape, dealing with the builders has been such a nightmare.

It is said that you have to be onsite to see the construction take place but circumstances have not allowed us to have that ready access cause we are 7 hours away.

First off, every building project has its hidden costs. In our case, it was the cost of rocks removal that we bore. Plus the top up from the loan that we had to incur due to the financial crisis. So when they say you only need a stipulated deposit, it's a lie. ALWAYS have extra funds.

Secondly, due to the nature of the land. (NOTE: Always buy a flat piece of land!!) we couldn't get the bigger construction firms to build our house. With a 5 metre drop in the front, it was going to cost us a fair bit in the excavation stage. And so none of the display homes would work in our plot.

Thirdly, the company that we hired, has been nothing but trouble. They create unnecessary situations where it not only held up our project but they made such false accusations when they cannot contact us. They seem to have a perpetual need to hold the stages in this building project, which means that we pay more interest than we should to the bank. 

Their only credit is that that house is quite well built and the finishings are really decent. They've also kept the work site really clean. And so far, no complaints from the neighbors.

But it has been really exhausting dealing with them. Dodgy Bastards, they are. We caught them invoicing us twice for the completion of a stage BUT in actual fact, it has not been done. There were things that were meant to be installed but they were not there.

Sighz, with all these nonsense, I am quite certain that we will NEVER build another house in this lifetime. I am, however, quite excited to finish up this project so that we can move on to another phase of pain, renting. =)

Exciting times, y'all.

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