Friday, July 17, 2009

Blues n the Beach

A beautiful Melbourne Day

Some days I wish for the weather to be like that of Fall. Beautiful melancholic tree branches with the gorgeous blue skies as a backdrop.

Been feelin' a lil down the past week. I think the mundane of daily life has taken its toll and I was looking forward to a lil change.

But it's hard to stay blue when you have two boys regaling tales of Thomas the Tank to you all day long, with funny twists of their imaginative toddler minds. They tend to surprise you with the most surprising actions when you least expect it.

Like when I was sharing a bag of chezels (latest preggie craving) with Kayden and I left the last few for him while I went to wash my hands. Yet when I came back to the living room, he said "Mommy I left the last one for you." =)

Our last beach vacation.

Anyway I digress... we leave for Bali next week. On the day I turn 28. MY SCARY AGE. But it will be a week of rest and beaches. Just what the doctor prescribes for this preggie soul.

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