Monday, July 27, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Blues n the Beach

A beautiful Melbourne Day

Some days I wish for the weather to be like that of Fall. Beautiful melancholic tree branches with the gorgeous blue skies as a backdrop.

Been feelin' a lil down the past week. I think the mundane of daily life has taken its toll and I was looking forward to a lil change.

But it's hard to stay blue when you have two boys regaling tales of Thomas the Tank to you all day long, with funny twists of their imaginative toddler minds. They tend to surprise you with the most surprising actions when you least expect it.

Like when I was sharing a bag of chezels (latest preggie craving) with Kayden and I left the last few for him while I went to wash my hands. Yet when I came back to the living room, he said "Mommy I left the last one for you." =)

Our last beach vacation.

Anyway I digress... we leave for Bali next week. On the day I turn 28. MY SCARY AGE. But it will be a week of rest and beaches. Just what the doctor prescribes for this preggie soul.

Pregnancy #3 Week 21 - Let the shopping begin *Backdated**

I'm usually the conservative preggo mama.

This means that I wait till I am well into the second trimester before I start to prep for the baby's arrival. Everything before that just makes me nervous that it is too early to do so.

Yesterday we had an appointment for the 20+ week detailed scan at the hospital. In true typical style, we waited and waited for our turn to see the ultrasound lady.

Singapore has a much different approach to the Aussie system. In Melbourne, the husband was welcomed into the room with me at the start of the scan BUT it works in another manner here. The boys were told to wait outside whilst I get my measurements done and only at the end of probably 15 minutes, (where I spent twiddling my thumbs simply because I could not see what was on the screen!), when they were allowed in.

Baby gal was all of her usual active self. She really gave the lady a hard time with all her lil escapades off the ultrasound wand. She had to be chased in order to get a still picture of her lil anatomy, which I thought was hilarious.

But what a magical moment it was yesterday...when we finally got to see the lil one, she was smiling at us, busy waving with her hands, gave us a thumbs up and then at the last moment, pop her lil thumb into her mouth! It was clear as day that she has the same personality as my two boys!

Gosh and at that instant I fell in love with her. I love it that she is all spunky and active. Tomboy, I tell you. And what a cheery young lady I hope she will be.

So now that it is 99.9% confirmed that it is code pink, I think it's time for the shopping to begin!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Paris Walkabout

These few days have been a lil mundane, although the lil man woke up this morning with a puffy left cheek from a bug bite. Thought about our lil Parisian adventure a month n a bit prior... Just a lil bit of a peek into our days of wanderlust.

Rest stop at Laduree

Foliage engulfed building

Pretty Shopfronts

Books at Collette

Random garage door

Maison Martin Margiela

Eiffel in its twinkling glory

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Lil Cook

Whenever we see the progress reports of Kayden in Daycare/School, it will always feature him in the home corner cooking.

And sometimes when I am watching some random cooking show on cable, ala Jamie's Home, he would sit next to me whilst I commentate on the ingredients and the steps taken to cook a particular dish. And the cutest thing is, he will regurgitate most parts of the recipe back to his Daddy the next day.

So on this particular evening, I was feeling kinda lazy but yet I wanted the kids to have their homecooked dinner. And when I get lazy, I cook pasta. Simple and filling for my active boys.

After giving them a choice of either cream or Bolognese base, I asked Kayden if he wanted to help out. =) After all, Darien and I did talk about wanting the kids to learn to cook n be self sufficient before they are teens. 

Child Labour

His eyes lit up and just went "OK!" So I set him up with the task of grating cheese. And he did it with such finesse. *whilst helping himself to the parmesan as he grated*

Being really careful

He then helped out a lil with the cooking like putting the cheese into the sauce and then chucking the pasta into the mix.

Tucking in

Even Jake got into it

We finished off by adding some avocado on top and voila! Dinner is served!

A pat on the back and he was happily chomping into his food. =) It was an experience that he repeated to his Daddy when Darien got home from work that night.

I think we will be doing this again soon! 

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Flats Notion

P:I need a new pair of heels
D: No You don't. You're pregnant.
P: I reserve my rights to wear heels even though I'm preggie.
D: This is not about rights. This is an Occupational Health n Safety issue, Baby.^__^

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Kayden Speak #294856

On finishing the jelly beans without my knowledge:

P: Kayden, where are the jelly beans?
K: I finished it already.
P: Hmm how come you didn't ask mommy if I wanted some? That makes me very sad. *fakes a sad face.*
K: Don't worry, Mom. We'll go and buy new ones tomorrow k? *pat me on my knees*
P: Who's gonna pay?
K: Me. Must buy blue ones and green ones.

Boys were holding onto our iphones and Darien asked for his to be returned by Kayden.

D: Kayden, can Daddy have my IPhone back?
K: Ok wait.
D: Quick.. I need to put it in my pocket.
K: But if I return it to you, how am I going to play my checkers HUH HUH HUH???

Lord, we laughed our heads off when he said it! It was just hilarious.

The day before the boys went back to school, Kayden was talking to Jake in the car.

K: Jakey we must go to school tomorrow.
J: Uh huh
K:You cannot cry, huh? Must be a good boy. Carry your own bag, ok? Then we go see Lao Shi.

Gosh, this kid is growing up way too quickly, man! =) Some days he makes us laugh, other days he amuses us with his lil bits of wisdom. I can't believe he is turning 4 soon!

Me? I just wish time will stand still for a lil bit cause I like my boys at this stage. 

Life is just lovely being so simple.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Building Woes

Owning a home in Australia has always been a dream for us.

When we first signed the contract for the plot of land that we bought in Melbourne, we had such big dreams for it. Oh how eco friendliness it should be. The layouts of the rooms. The plans for the landscaping. The potential dream of perhaps moving in when the kids are older.

And whilst the house is clearly taking shape, dealing with the builders has been such a nightmare.

It is said that you have to be onsite to see the construction take place but circumstances have not allowed us to have that ready access cause we are 7 hours away.

First off, every building project has its hidden costs. In our case, it was the cost of rocks removal that we bore. Plus the top up from the loan that we had to incur due to the financial crisis. So when they say you only need a stipulated deposit, it's a lie. ALWAYS have extra funds.

Secondly, due to the nature of the land. (NOTE: Always buy a flat piece of land!!) we couldn't get the bigger construction firms to build our house. With a 5 metre drop in the front, it was going to cost us a fair bit in the excavation stage. And so none of the display homes would work in our plot.

Thirdly, the company that we hired, has been nothing but trouble. They create unnecessary situations where it not only held up our project but they made such false accusations when they cannot contact us. They seem to have a perpetual need to hold the stages in this building project, which means that we pay more interest than we should to the bank. 

Their only credit is that that house is quite well built and the finishings are really decent. They've also kept the work site really clean. And so far, no complaints from the neighbors.

But it has been really exhausting dealing with them. Dodgy Bastards, they are. We caught them invoicing us twice for the completion of a stage BUT in actual fact, it has not been done. There were things that were meant to be installed but they were not there.

Sighz, with all these nonsense, I am quite certain that we will NEVER build another house in this lifetime. I am, however, quite excited to finish up this project so that we can move on to another phase of pain, renting. =)

Exciting times, y'all.
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