Monday, June 08, 2009

Pregnancy 3 Week 19 -He Loves Me for Me

We are almost midway with Pregnancy Number 3!

Having gone through two pregnancies before, this one has been a lil different. I was feeling really nauseous in the first trimester and literally wanted to pull all of my hair out when the feeling comes over.

But the icing on the cake is.. it seems like kiddo 3 might be a lil gal. And if you know me, I've always wanted a gal. I always walk past the stacks of girlie clothes and long for the day I get to buy and clothe my own daughter in them. And I love it that she has two older brothers who will always be there to protect her (and be our extra set of eyes) So it really did work out in the end. 

So lately, I have been sporting quite the bump. I, officially, can no longer suck my tummy in. (Bye Bye Pilates!) It is quite a reasonably sized bump for the 4 mth plus preggie me. And with that, I've started to waddle a lil.

I lamented to the husband abt the early duck walking and he was just laughed it off, saying it's not abnormal at all. 

The Daddy of my 2.5 children have always been my pillar of strength. Throughout all of life's obstacles and joys, he has been that constant level of support and handholder for me. 

No matter whether I am preggo or not, he never sees my changing figure in a different light. I have always been shown the same amount of affection all the time.

And being chief playmate for the boys, he makes parenting a whole lot of fun! The boys adore their Daddy. It's always wonderful to have a partner who knows exactly what the kids want and you know that he is capable of looking after them, even if you drop off the face of this planet.

Given the space between the last pregnancy and this, we are just sitting back and enjoying this experience. It could be our last, or maybe we might do one more. But for now, we are loving the lil kicks that occurs several times daily now.

Clearly, she's a Daddy's gal cause when he put his hands on the tummy for the first time, last weekend, she did an encore for him =)

I think we are all off onto a good start.

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  1. came across your LJ blog and love it... you've got such a sweet hubby and such great boys!


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