Friday, June 05, 2009

Intro to Roma

Taking in the Colosseum

We skipped to Rome for three days during our trip.

And boy was it a hot hot hot trip. So hot we had like 2 litre bottles of mineral water to get us through the day. But we did get to use our summer clothes. So yeah for that!!

After a horrid start, where we felt that we got a lil slighted by the cab driver, the bus that we took to the BnB had a slight detour that made us walk in Roma's 34 degrees heat in wool and such for a good fifteen minutes whilst trying to find our way.

The beautiful 1 Via Dei Valeri

But once that is sorted, all was good. The place was beautiful and we really enjoyed our stay there. It was the BEST hotel we had in Europe for its value. We had cable tv, wifi, brekkie and a comfy bed. It was total bliss!

Colosseum in all its glory

Rome, as we had heard, was quite a touristy town. The main sights are all accessible by a bus route just placed outside the hotel. It is terribly easy to navigate. Plus, public transport is really very cheap, as compared to Paris.

We saw plenty of ruins such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forums. It was quite amazing but it didn't take us a long time to cover the area. Darien calls it the "Pua Chu" ie broken houses.

What we love about Italy, is the people and the food. It was incredible!! When we first got lost on the bus, there was a very lovely but animated lady who could only speak italian who was trying to help us find our way! She kept pointing us in the direction that we were meant to walk in and even double checked that it was correct with another gentleman.

We pretty much survived on pasta and pizzas for our stay. Everything was really priced reasonably (like 7.50 Euros for a plate of pasta) and we could have a pwetty satisfying meal for less than $25 Euros.

You cannot go wrong at Luzzi.

For two nights in a row, we went to this place where the locals go called Luzzi. It had pasta that was al dente AND wood fired pizzas that was perfecto. Yumz. In fact, being the only Asians in the whole joint, they recognized us on the second night and Darien got a free shot of Limoncello.

Mixing with the locals... is what makes travelling so much fun and worthwhile.

The cross situated where the royals used to sit

Palatino Hill

Inside the treacherous arena

Ancient Architecture circa 72 AD.

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