Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

A typical scene at home

When we were dating, I used to wonder what kind of Daddy, Darien would be, should we end up going down the marriage route.

Both of us were not baby people. In fact, I think we didn't mind being childless for a couple of years till we are in our late twenties.

Well.. Until life had another plan in store.

Being a father of two lil boys have been such a dream for Darien. He loves it that they can rough and tumble during playtimes and that they can do boy things together!

I am sure he doesn't mind having daughters but man! you should see the games and tricks they get up to.

Just look at the amount of investment he has put in for their Thomas the train collection. He is their chief engineer and master architect. Sighz...

Every night, they will huddle in bed and read books or play pillow fights. The boys just love having dad as their playmate.

I love seeing the relationship the kids have with their daddy. Not only does he spend a lot of time with them, he alsomakes sure that he teaches how to live their lives with respect and good manners. I think it's very important to co parent kids as children need the guidance of both parents. And I know that my husband is definitely pulling his weight in his section.

Happy Father's day, baby!

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