Friday, June 12, 2009

Food for Thought

Was reading through a blog today and found the following article. I thought that it was quite relevant in modern day relationships these days. It is quite interesting to note that women do not separate the bread from the butter so love is only part of the equation.

Anyway the following needs definitely applies to my relationship. Is it true for you too?

The Ten Emotional Needs of Men and Women

Men’s Needs:
The first thing he can’t do without – sexual fulfillment
He needs her to be his playmate – recreational companionship
He needs a good-looking wife – an attractive spouse
He needs peace and quiet – domestic support
He needs her to be proud of him – admiration

Women’s Needs:
The first thing she can’t do without – affection
She needs him to talk to her – conversation
She needs to trust him totally – honesty
She needs enough money to live comfortably – financial support
She needs him to be a good father – family commitment

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