Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jones the Grocer

The boys love going to Jones for their cheese platters and milk shakes.

We love the food that they serve and it reminds us of our brekkie joints in Melbourne.

So it's our usual breakfast haunt on the weekends.

Ahhh... If only time doesn't pass so quickly.

Back to the grind tomorrow! School's a-starting!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Haato at Ridgewood Cl is one of our favourite hangouts.

Their sorbets are tantalizingly delicious!

Anyway, here's a pic of two of my boys! Isn't Jakey looking more n more like his Daddy?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

A typical scene at home

When we were dating, I used to wonder what kind of Daddy, Darien would be, should we end up going down the marriage route.

Both of us were not baby people. In fact, I think we didn't mind being childless for a couple of years till we are in our late twenties.

Well.. Until life had another plan in store.

Being a father of two lil boys have been such a dream for Darien. He loves it that they can rough and tumble during playtimes and that they can do boy things together!

I am sure he doesn't mind having daughters but man! you should see the games and tricks they get up to.

Just look at the amount of investment he has put in for their Thomas the train collection. He is their chief engineer and master architect. Sighz...

Every night, they will huddle in bed and read books or play pillow fights. The boys just love having dad as their playmate.

I love seeing the relationship the kids have with their daddy. Not only does he spend a lot of time with them, he alsomakes sure that he teaches how to live their lives with respect and good manners. I think it's very important to co parent kids as children need the guidance of both parents. And I know that my husband is definitely pulling his weight in his section.

Happy Father's day, baby!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Food for Thought

Was reading through a blog today and found the following article. I thought that it was quite relevant in modern day relationships these days. It is quite interesting to note that women do not separate the bread from the butter so love is only part of the equation.

Anyway the following needs definitely applies to my relationship. Is it true for you too?

The Ten Emotional Needs of Men and Women

Men’s Needs:
The first thing he can’t do without – sexual fulfillment
He needs her to be his playmate – recreational companionship
He needs a good-looking wife – an attractive spouse
He needs peace and quiet – domestic support
He needs her to be proud of him – admiration

Women’s Needs:
The first thing she can’t do without – affection
She needs him to talk to her – conversation
She needs to trust him totally – honesty
She needs enough money to live comfortably – financial support
She needs him to be a good father – family commitment

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Us at St Paul's

One of the things we wanted to do in Rome was to dedicate a day to visit the mecca of the Catholic Church, which is known as the Vatican City, of course.

The lovely gentleman at the hotel told us that ladies needed to ensure your shoulders and knees are covered when you plan to visit. If you don't adhere to the dress code, you would not be allowed entry. (He even asked if I had my cardi in my bag, just before we left! =)) Gentlemen needed to wear pants or jeans.

The costumes were apparently designed by Michaelangelo?

We had dedicated a full day for it because we were warned that it could take that long to cover St Paul's Basilica and the Vatican Museum. There was just that much to see and absorb!

Nothing you've ever read or seen would ever prepare you for the opulence and majestic aura of Vatican City.

The walls of the church are adorned with marble. Renaissance paintings by the masters fill the entire ceiling and walls. It was just an amazing sight! I got some goosebumps by observing the artwork that took place thousands of years ago.

We, also, saw the deceased pope who is lying in the middle of the chapel, where people were paying their homage to him. And there in the middle of the church lies the tomb of St Peter. Cool, hey?

The Vatican Post Box. They have their own postal services.

Where the Pope sees his papal crowd every Wed morn.

Once we were done, we headed over to the Vatican Museum, which was about 1.2km away.

One of the many hallways leading to the Sistine Chapel

Raphael's painting

Again, it was just walls and walls of renaissance paintings. We spied Raphael's works in the apartments and Da Vinci's paintings on some of the walls. But it was Michaelangelo's famous Sistine Chapel that totally took my breath away. He had painted the entire ceiling on his own because he felt that the work of the other craftsmen were of secondary standards. Security was so tight. No one was allowed to take pictures.

If it was anything I took away that day, it was the power and wealth that the Catholic church had. It was an amazing experience!

With that we ended our tour of the Vatican and decided that it was time for GELATO!

Rome was so darn hot when we were there. Thank God for italian ice! It was just what we needed!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Pregnancy 3 Week 19 -He Loves Me for Me

We are almost midway with Pregnancy Number 3!

Having gone through two pregnancies before, this one has been a lil different. I was feeling really nauseous in the first trimester and literally wanted to pull all of my hair out when the feeling comes over.

But the icing on the cake is.. it seems like kiddo 3 might be a lil gal. And if you know me, I've always wanted a gal. I always walk past the stacks of girlie clothes and long for the day I get to buy and clothe my own daughter in them. And I love it that she has two older brothers who will always be there to protect her (and be our extra set of eyes) So it really did work out in the end. 

So lately, I have been sporting quite the bump. I, officially, can no longer suck my tummy in. (Bye Bye Pilates!) It is quite a reasonably sized bump for the 4 mth plus preggie me. And with that, I've started to waddle a lil.

I lamented to the husband abt the early duck walking and he was just laughed it off, saying it's not abnormal at all. 

The Daddy of my 2.5 children have always been my pillar of strength. Throughout all of life's obstacles and joys, he has been that constant level of support and handholder for me. 

No matter whether I am preggo or not, he never sees my changing figure in a different light. I have always been shown the same amount of affection all the time.

And being chief playmate for the boys, he makes parenting a whole lot of fun! The boys adore their Daddy. It's always wonderful to have a partner who knows exactly what the kids want and you know that he is capable of looking after them, even if you drop off the face of this planet.

Given the space between the last pregnancy and this, we are just sitting back and enjoying this experience. It could be our last, or maybe we might do one more. But for now, we are loving the lil kicks that occurs several times daily now.

Clearly, she's a Daddy's gal cause when he put his hands on the tummy for the first time, last weekend, she did an encore for him =)

I think we are all off onto a good start.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Intro to Roma

Taking in the Colosseum

We skipped to Rome for three days during our trip.

And boy was it a hot hot hot trip. So hot we had like 2 litre bottles of mineral water to get us through the day. But we did get to use our summer clothes. So yeah for that!!

After a horrid start, where we felt that we got a lil slighted by the cab driver, the bus that we took to the BnB had a slight detour that made us walk in Roma's 34 degrees heat in wool and such for a good fifteen minutes whilst trying to find our way.

The beautiful 1 Via Dei Valeri

But once that is sorted, all was good. The place was beautiful and we really enjoyed our stay there. It was the BEST hotel we had in Europe for its value. We had cable tv, wifi, brekkie and a comfy bed. It was total bliss!

Colosseum in all its glory

Rome, as we had heard, was quite a touristy town. The main sights are all accessible by a bus route just placed outside the hotel. It is terribly easy to navigate. Plus, public transport is really very cheap, as compared to Paris.

We saw plenty of ruins such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forums. It was quite amazing but it didn't take us a long time to cover the area. Darien calls it the "Pua Chu" ie broken houses.

What we love about Italy, is the people and the food. It was incredible!! When we first got lost on the bus, there was a very lovely but animated lady who could only speak italian who was trying to help us find our way! She kept pointing us in the direction that we were meant to walk in and even double checked that it was correct with another gentleman.

We pretty much survived on pasta and pizzas for our stay. Everything was really priced reasonably (like 7.50 Euros for a plate of pasta) and we could have a pwetty satisfying meal for less than $25 Euros.

You cannot go wrong at Luzzi.

For two nights in a row, we went to this place where the locals go called Luzzi. It had pasta that was al dente AND wood fired pizzas that was perfecto. Yumz. In fact, being the only Asians in the whole joint, they recognized us on the second night and Darien got a free shot of Limoncello.

Mixing with the locals... is what makes travelling so much fun and worthwhile.

The cross situated where the royals used to sit

Palatino Hill

Inside the treacherous arena

Ancient Architecture circa 72 AD.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

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