Friday, May 22, 2009

Villa Savoye

Staring at the the villa that changed history

One of the best things about traveling with friends (who are architects, by trade and by life) is the unexpected places you get to explore.

Villa Savoye has its part in changing the face of architecture. What you see is built in the late 1920s and it completely revolutionized the building industry. Built by Le Corbusier, it is located in Poissy, about 30 minutes away from Paris.  

Its interior

It is really quite an amazing sight to behold when you are in the villa itself. There were furniture that the man had constructed and still in use today. Like the chaise lounge and the fur hide seats. We learnt much that day.

Oh and clearly we had some fun, too, as you can tell.

Relaxing on the famous chaise lounge

Photo Shoot!

I've got my eyes on you

One for the memory books

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