Thursday, April 09, 2009

Till Death do us Part

Tonight we hung out at Holland Village. 

I needed to get a wax and figured that we might as well turn this into date night.

After all, three weeks of no couple time makes me a cranky wife. (Yes I am that high maintenance =p )

I found the husband waiting for me at Wala's having a beer whilst watching sports. (No better place to plonk a man, really)

After hopping into the seat next to him, he turned and said "Excuse me, but do I know you?"

"I don't think you do but I would like to go home with you tonight." I replied.


So we dangled for a bit there. Chit chatting about the day and his upcoming trip to Taipei.

And then we spoke about some permanent contraceptive measures that were available, if we ever need to visit some options. 

To which I said, "But Hun, if you get the snip, what happens if we don't work out and your next wife wants a child?"

That's when he said "I wasn't thinking that this was ever going to end, Baby."

I laughed and I thought, man, do I love that dude to bits!

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