Thursday, April 30, 2009


Being parents of two active boys, we are used to seeing scratches and marks on the children's limbs. It is not an uncommon thing for them to bruise themselves whilst playing.

However, when random red blotchy patches with dots start appearing at Jakey's arms and then followed by Kayden's face, we knew we had to bring them to the clinic for a diagnosis.

It turned out that they got bitten by some insects and we suspected that it might be the bed bugs in their mattresses. So first thing we did, out went the old and in came a brand spanking new mattress with thomas the tank sheets and quilt. 

After sending them to school, the husband and I had time for some lunch. And just as we were about to start driving towards home, we got a call that both kids were down with fever.

Picked them up and then we headed home. Medicated them and then popped them down for a nap.

And so far, I think they've both caught some kind of bug, as well.

So I guess this weekend is going to be spent pretty much indoors. Fingers crossed, they will get better before Friday! 

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