Thursday, April 09, 2009

ME Time

Now that both of the boys are in school, I've got a lil bit of time to myself in the middle of the day.

A typical weekday would be me sending the husband to work. Have a quiet breakfast with him catching up on the previous day. Then rushing home to prep and fetch the kids to school.

Then it's ME time for 3 lovely lovely hours.

Some days I would lounge around at Starbucks catching up on the email. Some days I'll shop around for stuff. Other times, I might meet the husband for lunch, if I didn't see him for brekkie.

The time is short and before I head back to Mommy land. I would regroup my thoughts. Focus on my list of things to do. Then savour the time I have, without chasing the rugrats around the mall, or making sure that their needs are met, or making sure that they are on their best behaviour.

Time alone is a luxury in my books. 

Whilst I love being with my boys and seeing them grow, I do like the time that I spend with myself or with my husband. And times when we go out with our friends. It is really important that we have a life away from the children. 

But the beauty about being away from them is, you see them with renewed eyes and it rejuvenates your soul to realize how beautiful your kids are. It takes away the bite of parenting. And believe me, the lil munchkins know just how to grab your heart the minute you pop out at the doorstep.

For that I am blessed with the lot that I've got!

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