Saturday, April 11, 2009

Boys Day Out

I'd always wanted to try the breakfast at Tin Hill Bistro down at Sixth Avenue. With the husband away on a biz trip this long weekend, today was as good a time as another to bring the kids out for a bit of brekkie with Mom.

But, somehow, during the car ride there, Kayden managed to fall asleep in his car seat and he remained that way all the way through the meal. So it was Jakey and me enjoying a bit of an alone time!

Tin Hill is a two storey bistro that is simply decorated and offers a pretty decent cafe (although a lil bit more atas) kinda menu. It was spacious and best of all, quiet on a Saturday early arvo.

I was mightily pleased to have the space to myself, especially, when dining with kids cause you never know how it will turn out.

Specials of the Day

Service was prompt and the food came really quickly. I was happy cause I was totally famished by the time I got into my seat. And the scrambled eggs were oh so creamy. It was breakfast pretty well done, in my books.

Now if I use my magic powers, that breakfast will be mine! Focus, dammit!!

Grudgingly shared a lil bit (half!!) of my brekkie with Jakey, who went "I WANT" as soon as the plate touched the table. But I managed to appease him with a baby fairy cupcake! =)

Guess I'll just have to settle for the baby cupcake!

If you get there between 8 to 10 in the morning, they have a $10 breakfast set that has a whole lot of goodies. But alas, I dun think I fit into the crowd at that time slot!

My only gripe is being charged $8++ for a glass of freshly squeezed OJ. That is waaaaaaaay too expensive for a cuppa juice!

So, Mom, this gal that I just met...

We went on to meet some friends at the Tanglin Tree down at Friven and Co. They have this magnificant playground with so many toys to entertain the boys whilst I was chatting with friends.

Ran a bit of errands and then we decided to go to Jones the Grocer for a bit of cheese indulging because Kayden was craving Brie and me, coffee.

This time round, Jakey fell asleep! So it was Kayden and Mommy time.

We talked and laughed and shared the cheese platter. He sang me some songs and told me about school. How he missed his Daddy?

Man! Has my lil boy grown up a lil too quickly for my liking? Next thing I know, it will be about girls and cars! Arghz! Ok time really needs to slow down already.

My lil brie lover

Cheese and coffee cravings satiated, we went on to Turf City to meet the family for steamboat BBQ and that was my Saturday this Easter weekend.

Spent with the two most important boys in my life!

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