Thursday, April 16, 2009

Boutiques at Fort Canning

Two of my good friends, Ros and Dawn, run a nook called The NEST at Antipodean, down at Holland Village. It is conveniently located just above Harry's.

The NEST stall

Cutie Pie Organic Onesies

For the last two days, they had a stall down at the Fort Canning Center.  There was an exhibit of about 40 stalls selling an array of household items, jewelry, clothes and baby stuff. It was a fair called Boutiques at Fort Canning held twice a year.

Darien and I hopped down for a look see after he came back from Taiwan. We liked what we saw. The place was spacious and was a perfect place to have such a market. Most of the stalls were set up by expats. The vibe was very much European and unlike what you see in a local set up.

I've never been to this part of Singapore before and I thought it was perfect for the kids. So, as a treat, I brought them there to visit their favorite Auntie Ros after school. They love spending time with her.

Old Skool Signboards

We played with the toys and spent time doodling with markers, very kindly provided by the organizers. And then I brought them out for a bit of an al fresco lunch. Twas a good way to spend a lazy arvo.

Pwetty Umbrellas

Browsing through the fair

Cocoon Couture Cushions for Kids!

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