Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Silky Wedding Anniversary

This morning over breakfast

P: Isn't this our itchy year, Babe?
D: Oh yah, huh?
P: Oh but you are always itchy, aren't you?
D: That's why you must remember to always scratch my itch. =/ 

Seven years ago, when I was a wee young lass studying in Melbourne, I met a bloke at a lecture. Bumped into, is the more suited term.

He thought that I was abrupt and MALAYSIAN. *no offense*

I thought he was just blokey and tall and MALAYSIAN too! *rofl*

He was wearing the really ugly Kathmandu fleece jacket that day.

We then went on our merry way.

Somehow, fate intervened. We ended up doing a project together and things just rolled on from there.

One night, I brought him home cooked prawn noodles and then the rest is history, or so they say. (He calls it voodoo.) 

Two and a half years later, we got hitched.

It was a small ceremony in Richmond with 20 plus of our closest friends and family. It was such an intimate wedding, on all levels and we were hands on in all the areas of its preparation.

Six months later, we had our first lil son. 

It was a new chapter in our lives. As brand new parents, we adapted our couple lifestyle to one that was all about baby. There was so much to learn. Plus, it was such a scary notion to have a newborn depending on you for all its needs. I cried on the third day we were home from the hospital cause I was so scared that I would stifle the lil baby. 

But we pulled through and became such a team when it came to parenting. We still do that till this day. 

Eleven months later, our second son came into the world.

Life was then on a speed track. We were busy busy with kids and all. But at the same time, we were pretty lucky that we had two really easy going babies. The husband was often working 14 hour days at work. It was something that he loved doing but I remembered how disciplined he was when it came to the crazy early morning hours he was pulling, just so that he can make it home early in the evening. All for his boys and me.

Times were not hard but it required a lot of work and coordination. Just so that everyone gets their own personal time and we kept to a routine so that the kids had a set schedule on a daily basis.

Weekends were dedicated to activities with the kids and catching up with friends. It was such a wonderful period of our lives. We really relished that times we spent living in Melbourne. The boys had such a fun time growing up in the lush outdoors that Australia had to offer.

In the midst of it, we both got to spend time doing things as a couple and as individuals. He would hop on his road bike for trips with friends or do courses to learn more about the holistic way of life. I would spend time doing pilates or yoga, or shop and have coffee with my girlfriends. 

Every anniversary (both dating and wedding) we would go out for a really lovely meal at a good restaurant. We would get babysitters to look after the kids so that we can catch a movie, concert or a musical or sometimes, just to have dinner with friends without the mob squad running all around. =) 

Last year we made a decison to move back to SG for various reasons. He was going to help out with the family business and the kids were meant to start school. It was a big move for us. We had to give up a lot of things to move back. But I guess at the end of the day, everyone's gotta do what they are meant to do. So we adapted and moved on to a different kind of life. 

I've been really fortunate to find a life partner who loves me for who I am and makes me wanna be better at what I do, everyday. Sometimes he drives me crazy with his passion for things. But every morning, he never fails to pull me in for a cuddle and tell me that he loves me.

We always have a chuckle whether we are driving or at the dinner table. Most of all, we always have each other's back. Whilst we still have pretty fiery arguments once in a while, I think over the years, we've found our lil groove. 

Happy Anniversary Babe! Love ya!


Being parents of two active boys, we are used to seeing scratches and marks on the children's limbs. It is not an uncommon thing for them to bruise themselves whilst playing.

However, when random red blotchy patches with dots start appearing at Jakey's arms and then followed by Kayden's face, we knew we had to bring them to the clinic for a diagnosis.

It turned out that they got bitten by some insects and we suspected that it might be the bed bugs in their mattresses. So first thing we did, out went the old and in came a brand spanking new mattress with thomas the tank sheets and quilt. 

After sending them to school, the husband and I had time for some lunch. And just as we were about to start driving towards home, we got a call that both kids were down with fever.

Picked them up and then we headed home. Medicated them and then popped them down for a nap.

And so far, I think they've both caught some kind of bug, as well.

So I guess this weekend is going to be spent pretty much indoors. Fingers crossed, they will get better before Friday! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Man with the Voice

A couple of years ago, Darien and I went to catch Matchbox 20 in concert.

And all I took away from that night was Rob Thomas' voice. So silky smooth live. He was sick that night and only managed to deliver a short concert but boy was I blown away by him and the rest of the band!

The man has not only got a great voice but he can play both the guitar and piano too. Plus, he's ridiculously charming and good looking. OMG I'm swooning. =p

Today, while taking a slight break, I watched this video on Youtube and it makes me want to see him live again.

One day, we will.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Surprise Paris

I've always wanted to go to Europe.

But alas it's always out of reach, especially when you've got two kids really close in age who needs a lot of constant love and care.

One of our main objectives of moving back is to TRAVEL. Just the two of us!

It is so much easier for us to leave our kids with family who loves them and knows their every need, as opposed to paid help (which we will never do for trips! too many scary stories have been told.)

With recent advertorials blasting cheap airfares in our faces, we finally succumbed and bought tickets to the city of lights!

Yes! We are flying off to Paris in a couple of weeks!

It's our lil 4th wedding anniversary pressie and very very belated honeymoon! 

And in between there will be a night in Dubai and 3 days in Rome! Wheee!!

It's also Spring time so I'm looking forward to crispy air and cool nights!

So now the biggest question is, "Does anyone have any tips for us at all for all three places???"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Boutiques at Fort Canning

Two of my good friends, Ros and Dawn, run a nook called The NEST at Antipodean, down at Holland Village. It is conveniently located just above Harry's.

The NEST stall

Cutie Pie Organic Onesies

For the last two days, they had a stall down at the Fort Canning Center.  There was an exhibit of about 40 stalls selling an array of household items, jewelry, clothes and baby stuff. It was a fair called Boutiques at Fort Canning held twice a year.

Darien and I hopped down for a look see after he came back from Taiwan. We liked what we saw. The place was spacious and was a perfect place to have such a market. Most of the stalls were set up by expats. The vibe was very much European and unlike what you see in a local set up.

I've never been to this part of Singapore before and I thought it was perfect for the kids. So, as a treat, I brought them there to visit their favorite Auntie Ros after school. They love spending time with her.

Old Skool Signboards

We played with the toys and spent time doodling with markers, very kindly provided by the organizers. And then I brought them out for a bit of an al fresco lunch. Twas a good way to spend a lazy arvo.

Pwetty Umbrellas

Browsing through the fair

Cocoon Couture Cushions for Kids!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Boys Day Out

I'd always wanted to try the breakfast at Tin Hill Bistro down at Sixth Avenue. With the husband away on a biz trip this long weekend, today was as good a time as another to bring the kids out for a bit of brekkie with Mom.

But, somehow, during the car ride there, Kayden managed to fall asleep in his car seat and he remained that way all the way through the meal. So it was Jakey and me enjoying a bit of an alone time!

Tin Hill is a two storey bistro that is simply decorated and offers a pretty decent cafe (although a lil bit more atas) kinda menu. It was spacious and best of all, quiet on a Saturday early arvo.

I was mightily pleased to have the space to myself, especially, when dining with kids cause you never know how it will turn out.

Specials of the Day

Service was prompt and the food came really quickly. I was happy cause I was totally famished by the time I got into my seat. And the scrambled eggs were oh so creamy. It was breakfast pretty well done, in my books.

Now if I use my magic powers, that breakfast will be mine! Focus, dammit!!

Grudgingly shared a lil bit (half!!) of my brekkie with Jakey, who went "I WANT" as soon as the plate touched the table. But I managed to appease him with a baby fairy cupcake! =)

Guess I'll just have to settle for the baby cupcake!

If you get there between 8 to 10 in the morning, they have a $10 breakfast set that has a whole lot of goodies. But alas, I dun think I fit into the crowd at that time slot!

My only gripe is being charged $8++ for a glass of freshly squeezed OJ. That is waaaaaaaay too expensive for a cuppa juice!

So, Mom, this gal that I just met...

We went on to meet some friends at the Tanglin Tree down at Friven and Co. They have this magnificant playground with so many toys to entertain the boys whilst I was chatting with friends.

Ran a bit of errands and then we decided to go to Jones the Grocer for a bit of cheese indulging because Kayden was craving Brie and me, coffee.

This time round, Jakey fell asleep! So it was Kayden and Mommy time.

We talked and laughed and shared the cheese platter. He sang me some songs and told me about school. How he missed his Daddy?

Man! Has my lil boy grown up a lil too quickly for my liking? Next thing I know, it will be about girls and cars! Arghz! Ok time really needs to slow down already.

My lil brie lover

Cheese and coffee cravings satiated, we went on to Turf City to meet the family for steamboat BBQ and that was my Saturday this Easter weekend.

Spent with the two most important boys in my life!

The Topless Photographer

Guess who's gonna be your next wedding photographer?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Other Abode

Whilst we are residing in sunny Singapore, there is another piece of us that we've left behind in Melbourne.

That is the house that we'd shed our blood, sweat and tears over its design. One of our closest friend drew the house up. We then spent hours discussing and picking the details of how we want it to be.

Dealing with builders is the biggest pain of all. They are an unreasonable, crude and incredibly rude bunch of pricks to deal with. You dun know how much of a bitch you are capable of being, until you have to engage in a conversation with them.

The only good thing is the house is building beautifully. The frame is finally up. And now it's time for the fixtures and walls and roof to be installed.

Needless to say, the painful thing is seeing the mortgage inflate as the stages progress and man! does it stink to get a bill for the rock removal in the five figures zone. GRRRRRR....

And now we await the arrival of September where we can see the end of this project! *fingers crossed they will complete in time.*

For now, I'll leave you with pics of the wooden frame upon a hill.

The side profile in its entirety.

The view from the front of the house.

The other side of the house

Thursday, April 09, 2009

ME Time

Now that both of the boys are in school, I've got a lil bit of time to myself in the middle of the day.

A typical weekday would be me sending the husband to work. Have a quiet breakfast with him catching up on the previous day. Then rushing home to prep and fetch the kids to school.

Then it's ME time for 3 lovely lovely hours.

Some days I would lounge around at Starbucks catching up on the email. Some days I'll shop around for stuff. Other times, I might meet the husband for lunch, if I didn't see him for brekkie.

The time is short and before I head back to Mommy land. I would regroup my thoughts. Focus on my list of things to do. Then savour the time I have, without chasing the rugrats around the mall, or making sure that their needs are met, or making sure that they are on their best behaviour.

Time alone is a luxury in my books. 

Whilst I love being with my boys and seeing them grow, I do like the time that I spend with myself or with my husband. And times when we go out with our friends. It is really important that we have a life away from the children. 

But the beauty about being away from them is, you see them with renewed eyes and it rejuvenates your soul to realize how beautiful your kids are. It takes away the bite of parenting. And believe me, the lil munchkins know just how to grab your heart the minute you pop out at the doorstep.

For that I am blessed with the lot that I've got!

Till Death do us Part

Tonight we hung out at Holland Village. 

I needed to get a wax and figured that we might as well turn this into date night.

After all, three weeks of no couple time makes me a cranky wife. (Yes I am that high maintenance =p )

I found the husband waiting for me at Wala's having a beer whilst watching sports. (No better place to plonk a man, really)

After hopping into the seat next to him, he turned and said "Excuse me, but do I know you?"

"I don't think you do but I would like to go home with you tonight." I replied.


So we dangled for a bit there. Chit chatting about the day and his upcoming trip to Taipei.

And then we spoke about some permanent contraceptive measures that were available, if we ever need to visit some options. 

To which I said, "But Hun, if you get the snip, what happens if we don't work out and your next wife wants a child?"

That's when he said "I wasn't thinking that this was ever going to end, Baby."

I laughed and I thought, man, do I love that dude to bits!

Monday, April 06, 2009

The Second Diagnosis

After our disastrous encounter at SNEC, we decided to seek a second opinion at Mt Elizabeth.

Dr Wong came recommended by my mum's boss and she's been in the industry for quite a while. 

So we trotted up for our appointment on thursday, three days after Jakey's appointment at SNEC.

We waited quite a bit to see her because her clinic was full with her Feragamo-cladded Indonesian clients.

But can I say that what a difference it makes when the doctor is so kid friendly.

She let them play with her magnets. Gave Kayden something to play with whilst she was checking Jakey's eyes.

After discussing the initial diagnosis with her, she mentioned that it's a lil early and ohsocruel to make him go through all the tests again.

So after doing a refraction test, she suggested that we start him on glasses ASAP. However, instead of putting him straight up to the 500/600 degrees that was recommended by the ped opthamologist at SNEC, she wants us to start at 100 degrees and gradually shift his degrees in a span of weeks.

That made sense to us. We were not opposed to him wearing glasses but starting him at extremely high powered lenses did not appeal to us.

If this approach doesn't work, then she mentioned that surgery is still a distant possibility BUT we have to observe his progress in the next few months.

And this is what the kid looks like now.

My lil Jerry Maguire kid!
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