Saturday, March 14, 2009

I dream of coffee...


When Bruce and Mandy came to Melbourne for a short visit last year, he was often busy taking pictures of his cafe latte.

I used to laugh at him when he did that, because a cuppa good cheap coffee was not an odd sight or commodity back then.

From the handpulled expresso at Commercial Bakery to the really creamy latte at Carlton Expresso, we really enjoyed our lil daily caffeine fix.

But times have changed and now that I'm living in SG, I realized that I shouldn't be mocking my dear old buddy.

Cause a good cup of latte is quite far and rare these days. 

Well,at least, till the husband fixes the Rancilio that we lugged back from Melbourne!! (And he better do it fast!! ) =)

Then our coffee times begin...

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