Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cookyn' and Eatyn'

Amanda checking that Darien is doing his job right!

This weekend is tops, as far as the other ones go since we moved back to SG.

Merv a la the Chef

First up, was a cooking class that I signed up for early February with Amanda and Mervyn. The menu was interesting and learning new cooking techniques is right up there with shopping, for me at least!

The girls

Tilden sharing his mint!
Gab Exchange

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and meeting new peeps in the LJ loop was just the icing on the cake. And it was lovely meeting the guys in real life. They are a really great bunch of peeps and we had a lot of fun that night!

The chef explaining the rules of carpaccio to Darien

Gathering for a demonstration

Merv and Amanda were ever the consummate hosts. The alcohol just kept flowing and the lesson was really easy to follow. Both Darien and I learnt new things that we never realized existed before! We had a pretty good time chitchatting with the rest of the guys and learning and best of all, eating the really yummy food that was freshly prepared!

Tuna Carpaccio

Mentaiko Angel Hair Pasta

I really loved the mentaiko angel hair pasta and the Hokkaido scallops that were prepared both ways. This is the first time I've had scallops seared at home that taste absolutely gobsmacking succulent!

We definitely learnt a lot from Merv. He reminds me of Bill Granger from Sydney who makes well presented and delicious food that is truly simple to make. All you need is a lil bit of inspiration!

We closed off the night with grilled pineapple soaked in sake with mint infused Mascarpone. Yumz.

This is a totally new thing for us to do but we definitely see ourselves doing this again.

Thanks for having us again, guys!

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